Segalization is a fansite dedicated to bringing you news and reviews from games originating from SEGA of Japan and Atlus. While we started out as a website built around a petition, we’ve since evolved into a website which focuses on reporting news on the many Sega franchises that haven’t been released outside of Japan.

Things aren’t quite as bad in terms of localizations of Sega games as they were when we first launched the website, but that doesn’t change our objective. One of the key aspects of Segalization is that we try to bring a positive message. That doesn’t mean sugarcoating Sega’s business decisions in our news articles. If we don’t like some of Sega’s decisions, we’ll be sure to voice our opinion on it. But we do believe in constructive criticism. Simply put, we’d like to build bridges between the fans and Sega, rather than burn them down.

Current Staff


  • Role: Website and Forum Administrator, Webmaster and Contributing Writer for Segalization. I handle everything related to hosting and development of the website, and also contribute articles. Aside from working on Segalization, I also contribute articles to the Panzer Dragoon fansite, Panzer Dragoon Legacy.
  • Most Wanted Sega localization: Sakura Wars
  • Favorite Sega games: NiGHTS into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon series,  Ecco the Dolphin


  • Role: Contributing Writer.  Also occasionally written articles for Hardcore Gaming 101 as ZenithianHero.
  • Most Wanted Sega localization:  Sakura Wars series
  • Favorite Sega games:  Jet Set Radio, Ristar
  • Blog/Social NetworkTumblr