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SEGA Announces RTS game “Revolve8” for iOS and Android, Pre-Registration Open Worldwide

SEGA have unveiled Revolve8, a new RTS game for Android and iOS which has a lot of familiar names in its key creative staff. For starters, the game’s senior producer is Masayoshi Kikuchi (Producer of Yakuza, Director of Jet Set Radio). For the game’s art, the character designer is handled by Koji Igarashi (creator of the Igavania genre) and the character artist is Ryota-H ((Shingeki no Bahamut, TWIN HEADS manga). The sound producers are Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenoblade) & Shunsuke Tsuchiya (Luminous Arc, Arc of Fantasia).

In Revolve8, the player wields a deck of 8 cards, classified into “Heroes”, “Minions”, “Buildings”, and “Magic”, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The goal for the player is to to destroy their opponent’s towers within the time limit of 3 minutes. Each Hero also has a “Normal Skill” and a “Special Skill”. The latter can be used only once by the deck leader, whereas Normal Skills can be used every 30 seconds by one of the Heroes in the deck. The heroes featured in the game originate from classic fairy tales, reimagined by Koji Igarashi.

Registration for both the Closed Beta Test and Pre-registration Campaign started today on the Revolve8 official website. The closed Beta Test will take place from October 23 until November 2 14:00 (UTC). You can register for the beta here: Pre-registration for the beta is open from October 10 09:00 until Oct 22 14:59 (UTC). For the regular pre-registration, you can find more info here:

Revolve8 official website:
Revolve8 pre-registration site:

Personally, I do find it interesting that this game is the one getting an international release, while Idola: Phantasy Star Saga remains Japan only for now. Perhaps it’s for the best given how the announcement of Idola: Phantasy Star Saga has been poorly received both in and out of Japan, with many criticizing SEGA’s choice to celebrate the iconic franchise’s 30rd anniversary with a derivative mobile RPG that looks all too similar to Fate/Grand Order. With Revolve8 being a new IP, the expectations aren’t as high. It’ll remain to be seen however if the game’s in-app purchases will be reasonable, and whether or not the game will end up being enough of a success. After all, in the past SEGA have terminated a considerable number of their online mobile games a year or even more months after their release. Here’s to hoping Revolve8 fares better.

Below you can view the trailer as well as a couple of screenshots:

Revolve8: Episodic Dueling - Announce Trailer

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  1. landman

    That was a fun game, shame sega announced an exact clone (League of Wonderland) the same year, and now both have shut down their servers, none of them reached the year, LOW barely scratched 6 months. Still the character design was great, wouldn’t mind seeing them in some other project in the future.


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