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Shenmue 3 Titile - Deep Silver

Shenmue 3 Will Be Published by Deep Silver, and a First Look at the Updated Character Models

Ys Net posted a new update on their Shenmue 3 Kickstarter page, announcing that they have signed a global publishing contract with Deep Silver for their game. This means that Deep Silver will apparently be in charge of publishing Shenmue 3 worldwide. SEGA and Atlus fans in Europe already know Deep Silver, given that they’ve been handling publishing of their titles there for a while now.

At the same time, the new title screen that comes with the press release finally reveals what appear to be the updated character models of Ryo and Shenhua, Previously, Ys Net had in fact resorted to changing Ryo’s face through Photoshop, replacing it with the one from Shenmue 2. So far, it seems the new models are receiving a mixed response from fans. What’s curious is that the Shenmue 3 logo on the new title image is also different from the new logo that was revealed in their June update.

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Chain Chronicle Anime 2016

GoGame Is Asking Fans for Support to Bring Chain Chronicle Back to the West

A few years ago, SEGA and Gumi announced a partnership to bring SEGA’s mobile games to the West, beginning with SEGA’s biggest mobile hit in Japan: Chain Chronicle. Unfortunately, things apparently didn’t work out between the two companies, and Gumi ended up shutting down Chain Chronicle on Feburary 29th, 2016. A fan petition was created to try and save the game, but seemingly to no avail. At least until now, as the long abandoned official Facebook page for the game suddenly showed a sign of life with a new message from the game’s mascot, Pirika:

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SEGA World Drivers Championship - 005

SEGA Interactive Announces SEGA World Drivers Championship for the Arcades in Japan

SEGA Interactive have announced a new arcade racing game for Japan, titled SEGA World Drivers Championship feat. Super GT. The game uses the official license of the Super GT Series, a highly popular sports car racing championship in Japan. The game will be running on the Unreal Engine 4, which is proving to be increasingly popular among game developers in Japan. Nationwide online multiplayer will also be supported, and SEGA will be carrying out a test run of the game in the Sega Ikebukuro GiGO and Sega Akihabara 1 game centers from July 28 through 30. You can view the first trailer for the game below, although it doesn’t show any in-game footage. That said, we do get a look at the arcade cabinet in the newly released images. The official website for the game can be found here.


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PlayStation Store 2017 Big in Japan Sales

EU PlayStation Store “Big in Japan” Sales: An Overview of the Included SEGA and Atlus Games

PlayStation EU has launched their new “Big in Japan” sales, its counterpart to their PlayStation US Store’s “Golden Week” sales. It’s a very long list of games, but below you can find an overview of all of the discounted SEGA and Atlus games per system. We also included a few games from different publishers, but which have some connection to either SEGA or Atlus. Persona 5 is technically on sale as well, but in the EU the digital version has always been overpriced, and the 14% discount only brings it at the same price it was available on at launch in retail. The promotion runs until 19th July 2017.

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Bayonetta - Switch

Is PlatinumGames Teasing Bayonetta 1 & 2 on Switch?

Recently, the official PlatinumGames Twitter account announced a new @platinumGames_j Twitter account, intended for their Japanese audience. Where things get interesting is the artwork, designed by Yusuke Hashimoto, which was embedded with the tweet. Fans were quick to point out that the blue & red color scheme and the mirrored view of Bayonetta (in her outfit from the 1st and 2nd game) are reminiscent at the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. On the other hand, the blue and red colors also match the distinct colors used in marketing for both games, so it doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything in regards to a Switch release. Still, it’s interesting that PlatinumGames went on to “like” tweets pointing out the similarities between the image and the Joy-Con controllers.

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Valkyria Revolution - Featured

Review: Valkyria Revolution (PS4)

Return to console

While we recently got a remastered version of Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 4, Valkyria Revolution marks the first real return to console for the Valkyria Chronicles series. But as the game’s title already hints at, this isn’t actually a sequel to Valkyria Chronicles 3, nor is it a strategy RPG like its predecessors. Instead, Valkyria Revolution is an action-RPG which actually has very little in common with the previous games. Only the fictional mineral “Ragnite” and the legendary Valkyria themselves make a return, but even those have been altered to better fit the game’s fantasy setting.

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SEGA Forever

SEGA Responds to Questions Regarding SEGA Forever’s Launch Problems

Following the launch of SEGA Forever, SEGA’s new mobile service which aims to revolutionize retro gaming on mobile, it quickly became apparent that the emulation of their first batch of games was less than optimal. In particular, DigitalFoundry’s John Linneman told people to stay away from the games altogether, noting the poor performance of the new Unity wrapper used in 90% of the games. Now, SEGA’s Mike Evans has addressed a number of questions from Eurogamer in a rather harsh interview. Reading the interview, I have mixed thoughts about both some of Mike Evan’s answers as well as Eurogamer’s questions.

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SEGA Forever

SEGA’s Mike Evans Discusses Future Plans for SEGA Forever, Including Saturn and Dreamcast Ports

SEGA have officially launched SEGA Forever for iOS and Android today, a service that will offer a growing collection of free (ad-supported) retro SEGA games from a large number of old SEGA platform, with the option of buying each game for $1.99/€1.99 to remove the ads. The games also include new additions like leaderboards, cloud saves and controller support. In an interview with MVC UK, Mike Evans explains how SEGA Forever is really only the first step of their project. Where things get interesting is when he discusses expanding the scope of the project, mentioning the Switch as a possible platform.

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