Valkyria Chronicles 4 Demo

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Digital Pre-Order and Demo Now Available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Sega have launched digital pre-orders and a free demo for Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch today! The demo lets you to play through the prologue and the first two chapters of the game, as well as an exclusive bonus mission created specifically for the demo. A neat bonus is that demo save data, including items obtained, class levels, earned experience, and currency total will transfer over to the full game. In addition, importing save data from the demo will net you an exclusive accessory for use in the full game.

Sega have also announced that all digital pre-orders come with a bonus “A Captainless Squad” DLC mission. The DLC will be available immediately for anyone who digitally pre-orders Valkyria Chronicles 4 when the full game launches on September 25 (after reaching Chapter 10 in the main story). The same DLC will also be available as a standalone add-on item for $4.99 in late October. Somewhat disappointing is that the $99.99 Valkyria Chronicles 4 “Memoirs from Battle Edition” doesn’t contain this DLC mission (and 2 more DLC missions which were released in Japan, but have yet to be announced for the Americas and Europe).

On the US PS Store, a PS4 theme and 5 avatars will be included with the digital pre-order. At the time of writing, these bonus items do not appear to be included on the pre-order for the game on the EU PS Store. In fact, the DLC mission also isn’t listed there. Below you can find a preview of the PS4 theme and the avatars:

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