Sega’s Sakura Wars Website – Momentary Disappearance and Return

Good news and bad news!

Good news! Mostly.

Owing perhaps to the franchise’s relative slumber, Sega’s Sakura Wars website was actually shut down for a brief period not too long ago. Dualshockers picked up on something interesting: were you to visit on the 29th of December, you would have been greeted with this:


The website remained expired for what appears to be at least a couple of days initially being taken down. Thankfully, since then the site was reclaimed by Sega and is now restored. The site even features recent news posts.

It’s perhaps an interesting take on the state of the Sakura Wars franchise in Japan. While it retains a strong and prominent legacy in Japan and manages to endure in the form of a to-be-released mobile game and musical performances featuring the voice actors still continuing (the Paris Kagekidan/Flower Division is active right now until the middle of January!), it would seem there’s not much else going on that seems to keep Sakura Wars on Sega’s mind right now.


Source: Dualshockers’ original post

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