Shining Resonance’s B.A.N.D. System Highlighted in New Video, In-Game Costumes Highlighted

Sega has released another video demoing one of the game mechanics in Shining Resonance. Gematsu shares that this new video features the B.A.N.D. system. The B.A.N.D. system refers both to the configuration of your active party members (most importantly, who is chosen as the player character or “Center”) and the special benefit that comes with a B.A.N.D. Attack. B.A.N.D. Attacks are triggered by filling up at least one third of the gauge on the left side of the screen during battles, now officially known as the Battle Mana Performance gauge.

When activating a B.A.N.D. Attack, certain buffs will be bestowed to your party members based on who is placed as the Center character. The buffs will steadily deplete the entirety of your Battle Mana Performance gauge, regardless of whether or not an entire bar is full all of the way. What isn’t immediately clear is what strength the B.A.N.D. Attacks will be at when activating the Attack with a gauge that isn’t full, but based on looking on the glowing gauge numbers you’ll only get the B.A.N.D. Attack strength level of the highest-leveled and filled gauge. So even if, for example, you have one and one half of a gauge full, it seems you’ll only get the buff strength of gauge level one instead of gauge level two. Depending on how the buffs may vary, it’s an interesting consideration to note in battles. Perhaps depending on the situation, it may be better to fill your gauge all the way to the MAX level or go for lower-leveled but more frequent buffs from B.A.N.D. Attacks.

Also, in the video that Gematsu linked we get some little details confirmed that may be of interest. First, one of the bonuses of having Kirika as the Center is that when the B.A.N.D. Attack is activated, Kouryuu Irvan’s berserk mode will be nullified and he will revert to Yuuma Irvan. This was a special ability of hers that was teased early on in promotional materials for the game, but it’s nice to see confirmation for how it works. In addition to that, Kirika’s outfit changes color depending on the Rune Song used for the B.A.N.D. Attack, as Siliconera writes here. (More information on Rune Songs can be seen here.) If a seasonal-themed Rune Song is chosen and Kirika is the center, her costume’s colors and designs will reflect that Song’s season in battle. Sonia will also have a special costume option, which I will highlight after the video later in this article. Lastly, it seems that during B.A.N.D. Attacks, Yuuma takes on the role of conductor instead of directly playing an instrument. Perhaps it’s fitting for someone positioned as the main character!

To check out the two minute video and some images of Kirika and Sonia’ costumes, hit the “Continue Reading” button!


Right off the bat, the first Rune Song performance in the video above shows Kirika’s summer costume. Costume changes are called “Dress Up” in Shining Resonance. The pink costume shown off as the article’s featured image is the spring costume, probably meant to recall cherry blossoms in the spring season.

ShiningResonanceFallThe above is a picture of Kirika’s fiery fall costume. You can more clearly see the designs of autumn leaves in this image. Her summer costume features a bright yellow sun and mixtures of deep blue and yellow, suggesting perhaps the blue ocean and a sunny day. Could it be a day at the beach? Kirika’s winter costume features mixes of lavender and white with a strong presence of the color black. There are also some snowflake prints on her outfit. A picture of the spring, summer, and winter costumes can be seen below.

ShiningResonanceSeasonsSonia will also receive a special costume option of her own, known as the “Dress Armor.” It’s apparently a special type of Dress Up. The costume is a golden dress that in my opinion also gives the impression of fortitude due to the metallic golden parts of the armor. It’s a little more than an outfit for show however — it comes with the “Golden Shock Princess” feature that, when activated, boosts Sonia’s defense and magic defense significantly! An image of the costume can be seen below.


Credit to Gematsu for the translated information, and credit for the featured image goes to this Famitsu article that Gematsu linked to above. Information on Dress Up, along with the costume images (which can also be seen on this section of the Shining Resonance website,) are credited to Siliconera.

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