More Characters Announced For Project X Zone 2

The latest news on Project X Zone 2 has been announced in this week’s Famitsu as the magazine revealed newcomers and returning characters for the crossover strategy game.

  • SEGA
    • Sakura Wars:  Gemini Sunrise and Sakura Shinguji
    • Streets of Rage:  Axel Stone
  • Capcom
    • Ace Attorney:  Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey
    • Street Fighter:  Ryu and Ken
  • Namco
    • God Eater 2:  Nana Kazuki and Ciel Alencon
    • Summon Night 3:  Aty

With Gemini and Sakura back, that means all four Sakura Wars characters returned for the sequel. Newcomer Axel Stone is a nice inclusion. Streets of Rage characters do not have many cameo appearances. Sega certainly tried to revive the series over the years at least. Same can be said about Summon Night series, it’s a low profile franchise for Namco to use in crossovers.

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