Project X Zone 2: Pai Chan Returns, Nightshade’s Hibana Makes an Entrance

Famitsu published an article recently showcasing a new round of character reveals for Project X Zone 2. As with the round of San Diego Comic Con 2015 reveals it’s not really a substantial lot, but there are some noticeable changes. To begin with, the Capcom/Bandai Namco team is confirmed to be Chun-Li and Xiaoyu from Street Fighter and Tekken respectively, while Chun-Li’s former partner Morrigan Aensland now teams with Demitri to form a dedicated Darkstalkers team.

This time around, Sega was only represented in solo unit news. Akira’s former teammate Pai is now present as a solo unit, kind of an unfortunate demotion (unless you really like Kage-Maru?) but it’s nice that the Virtua Fighter series gets a solo unit. Continuing off of the Shinobi PS2 series love is the appearance of Hibana from Nightshade, the sequel to Shinobi for the PS2. Hibana is a ninja and the protagonist of Nightshade. The PS2 Shinobi games were 3D action games developed by Overworks (Sakura Wars 3 and 4, Skies of Arcadia.) The last solo unit was Bandai Namco’s Alisa from God Eater, who is pretty clearly the most popular God Eater character at this point.

The game releases in Japan on November 12. Expect the last of the character reveals probably in October (worst case scenario, September,) and since Tokyo Game Show is coming up in September there will be news for sure then. Western release is set for early in 2016.

The character profile art can be seen below, albeit with Famitsu’s watermark.

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