Valkyria Azure Revolution Original Soundtrack

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Official Soundtrack Release Date: January 19

SEGA has announced a January 19 release date for the Valkyria: Azure Revolution Official Soundtrack CD, set to release in conjunction (but not packaged) with the game itself. We have used the jacket art for the CD as the featured image shown above. The CD package features all BGM tracks for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, alongside a selection of remixes and 5.1 support. It will sell for 3,240円.

As a reminder, the OST for Valkyria: Azure Revolution features the talents of video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda and the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.

There are preorder links open for such places as (which ships outside of Japan). Famitsu’s own article on the announcement of the CD’s release date can be seen here.

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