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Valkyria Series Set to Continue in 2017? New Valkyria Chronicles Game a Possibility?

Valkyria Revolution is coming to Western gamers, as we learned not too long ago.

What with the lack of news surrounding the original “Valkyria Chronicles” sub-series of the Valkyria franchise, perhaps there have been many anxious fans wondering if we’d ever see something like Valkyria Chronicles again. As we are now learning, that might not be such a remote possibility.

An interview with the Japanese PSBlog featuring series director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Yoichi Shimosato (with translated comments from this nichegamer article) reveals that SEGA does not plan on keeping the Valkyria Chronicles sub-series of games dormant. What this may mean specifically, we cannot say for sure. The highest hopes are certainly placed on a high-end Valkyria Chronicles 4 set on Playstation 4, but we have yet to see how SEGA feels about such a project.

Dualshockers, by way of 4Gamer, also notes in an interview with Takeshi Ozawa that he hopes to share an important piece of news regarding the Valkyria series. He says that Valkyria: Azure Revolution is one title that expands the Valkyria IP, and that there should be more news to share about the Valkyria IP in the year 2017.

All of this being said, I will speak for myself in saying that it can be pretty safely concluded that there will be another Valkyria Chronicles title, and that it will be announced some time next year. But such a possibility doesn’t preclude it from being a mobile game, or being on handhelds, or otherwise not being a Valkyria on Playstation 4. The Valkyria Chronicles series is understood to be moderately popular in the West, but tantalizing as the prospect of Valkyria Chronicles 4 may be, it’s a risky move.

…one that we would all most certainly welcome!

But with that being said, what do you think of these new comments? Do you feel optimistic about these hints?

“Your Next Favorite” Video Series: Featuring Yakuza

YouTuber, NeoGAF user, and Yakuza fan HyperBitHero recently put out an awesome YouTube video for the Yakuza games explaining why this franchise could be Your Next Favorite. The Your Next Favorite Series is a video series produced by HyperBitHero that takes a look at franchises that the author loves, and hopes to share that passion with others by offering insight and explanations for newcomers to a franchise or those who are unsure if they should buy a game.

This video for the Yakuza franchise is a singular video but it is quite long: approximately 52 minutes long. But I hope that doesn’t put anybody off; it offers a nice overview of the franchise through the honest perspective of the author. He also offers his opinions on the games that fans of the franchise can think over, like why Yakuza 2 is his favorite currently localized game. I thought the video raised some interesting points — for example, while some new players may be reticent to embrace playing through the games in variations on the same location (Kamurocho,) you get to see the location and characters evolve and change over time, which adds more weight to the mythology.

Continue reading to check out the video! And be sure to comment on which game new players should play first – the video author suggests the first game if possible, contrary to conventional debate between the third or fourth!

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