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Video Games Plus Restocks Atlus Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS Games

A few days ago we’ve reported that the Nintendo DS RPG Infinite Space will be restocked at the Canadian video game retailer Video Games Plus, and turns out various Atlus Playstation Portable games as well as both Trauma Center games for the Nintendo DS will be restocked as well! Video Games Plus explained in a tweet that these recent restocks are in fact new reprints of the DS games, and that almost any new DS game sold on the market today has been reprinted, unless the game underperformed in sales.

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Trauma Team Commencing Operation on North American eShop

Atlus has just released Trauma Team on Wii U eShop in North America. The game is the last entry of the Trauma Center series, and features a (mostly) new cast of characters. While the other entries feature surgery-only gameplay, Trauma Team will take you on a tour of other professions in the hospital such as studying symptoms during diagnosis or working with the skeletal system in orthopedic operations.

Trauma Team is a Wii Virtual Console title for download on Wii U, and will cost $19.99. Nintendo has a page for the game for more information. Hopefully Europe will get the game next; it’s a fantastic game that unfortunately fell under the radar during its original release. We’ve attached an old trailer for Trauma Team made by Atlus USA that was used to promote the original Wii version’s release. It covers the six types of gameplay.

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