Team Yu Launches #SaveShenmue Campaign

This is somewhat unrelated news to our own campaign given how it’s not about a game in need of localization, but rather in need of development. That said, Segalization is all about different Sega fan communities working together, so it makes sense for us to look into other campaigns related to Sega games as well. In what I personally find to be a good move, Team Yu changed their #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag, which they used to promote their campaign for a release of Shenmue 3, to #SaveShenmue. I think it’s a much more positive message this time around. And for a franchise consisting of only two games that were released over ten years ago, it’s amazing to see how many fans continue to support the call for a sequel. I’m guessing most people are already aware of the campaign, but if you aren’t then take a look at Team Yu’s website to see how you can help them achieve their goal.

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