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Video: Help bring Valkyria Chronicles to PC!

You might have seen our earlier request to sign the petition requesting Sega to release more PC games. I ended up making a small video to promote Valkyria Chronicles in particular. I’m sure many of you out there remember how the fans and Sega worked together to help the game make a surprise comeback after initially disappointing sales. Given the state of the franchise in the West now, a localization for VC3 might turn out to be something that we can achieve by returning to the series’ roots. While the PC campaign isn’t directly related to our cause, if the original game were to find a new audience on a different platform, it might open the way for VC3 to be localized after all.

By giving the original Valkyria Chronicles another chance on a different platform, one that doesn’t require scaling down aspects of the game and where the turn-based strategy genre already has an audience, we might very well be able to revive the franchise in the West. Valkyria Chronicles isn’t part of the three primary games requested by the petition because its CANVAS graphics engine may not be easy to port to PC. But if the VC fans can demonstrate to Sega that the demand is there, we might be able to make a difference once again. Of course, we shouldn’t forget the greater goal of the petition is to see more Sega games in general, but there’s no harm done in rallying the Gallian Militia for the cause! So we hope you all sign the petition and let Sega know we want to see Squad 7 move out once again. With all that said, here’s the video in question:

Help bring Valkyria Chronicles to PC! #SegaPCPorts

The link to the petition can be found here.

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