Recent Phantasy Star Online 2 Livestream Promises More Sega Shoutouts

Yesterday in Japan, Niconico broadcasted the 20th Phantasy Star Online 2 Livestream. These periodic livestreams detail upcoming content for the game.  Some interesting things to look at once you hit the break!

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about a “Sega Collaboration Part 2” which is apparently being rebranded as the Sega Platinum Selection. The same costume content that was written about before will still be coming; however additional treats in the form of weapons that memorialize Sega are also planned. These include a Valkyrian Lance and the Edelweiss from the Valkyria Chronicles series, Tension Blasters from Space Channel 5, and what appears to be a large baseball bat meant to represent the Yakuza series. Hey, it certainly goes well with a Goro Majima outfit. They are apparently Weapon Camos, which are not new in of themselves but are skins of already existing and similarly themed weapons. Other cool content like Music Discs are on the way, and with Sega music already hidden in the game, this is an excellent treat. The Sega Platinum Selection will be available on June 11th.

Secondly, we’d like to take a moment to recognize a new batch of content recognizing Shining Blade. In the latter portion of June, Sega plans to release Scratch items for Shining Blade characters under the name “Shining Heroes.” The Scratch items include character costumes, Weapon Camos, and even voicework for an assortment of Shining Blade characters including leads Rage and Altina. For those unaware, Scratch items are items won via a type of lottery ticket purchase; these items are often for cosmetic benefit with such things as costumes. There’s a preview clip right below for your viewing pleasure:

【PSO2】 「シャイニング」コラボ第2弾

Our mobile gaming audience may be aware of Phantasy Star Online 2 es, an appropriately scaled-to-fit version of the main Phantasy Star Online 2 game for mobile gaming platforms. The es version will feature a Sega Star Collaboration also coming on June 11th featuring character chips themed after various Sega characters and with their own elemental types. Here’s a preview image below:


All credit to the Phantasy Star Blog for the information and the media.

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