Phantasy Star Nova Release Date Announced, Information on Classes

Just Push Start announced through Sega that Phantasy Star Nova’s release date is November 27, and will retail at 5,980 yen. Also worth noting is that the game is compatible with the Playstation TV, or as it’s known in Japan – the Vita TV.

I’d like to take this opportunity to go over the recent class and demo information released this week. This week’s issue of Famitsu gave more insight into the classes available for the game; Siliconera writes about the new classes here. There are four classes currently planned that we know of. These classes will have stat growths specific to themselves but each class will also be able to wield different kinds of weapons. Each class will also have a special ability available to them within the demo.

The Hunter class is a short-ranged combat class with high stats in HP and defense to complement their aggressive play and mitigate the danger of going in to fight. They will also come with abilities that allow them to evade attacks. Their special ability is the “Just Attack”, a timing-based mechanic that, if executed with your regular attacks, adds on to their normal attacking damage.

The Ranger class is a long-range combat class that specializes in crowd control with their wide-range attacks. They aren’t the heaviest hitters but they will efficiently manage hordes of weaker enemies that will prove cumbersome for other classes. Their special ability is the “Chain” system, a counter that keeps track of the number attacks performed and allows for various buffs once filled.

The Force class is a support class designed around Techs that are executed by holding down buttons. They have both offensive, elemental Techs and healing Techs. Be sure to keep them at a distance, as they have low base HP! Their special ability allows them access to a Tech that allows them to heal both themselves and their allies simultaneously.

The Buster class is a class new and made for Phantasy Star Nova. As explained by the PSUBlog, this is a class that can use both close-range weapons and either offensive or supporting Techs. They have exclusive access to “Pile” weapons, a type of weapon that functions like a harpoon that, once fired into an enemy, will cause that enemy to take more damage than normal if the harpooned spot is attacked. However, the Buster class is also slower at attacking than the other classes, so fighting enemies solo will require both patience and creativity with weapon use.

The PSUBlog also introduces the new “Halo” weapon by way of Famitsu. They are designed for long distance attacks and have the ability to create platforms to give players more mobility options. More to come on the capabilities of Halos later!

The Famitsu writers got to try their hand at the battle demo and made some interesting comments on their experience! Apparently they initially struggled with the Gigantes, but once they started attacking its yellow weak spots the fight was more manageable.

The battle demo will be made widely available in Japan this coming August.

Credit to the above-linked PSUBlog entry for the image.

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