Chain Chronicle Confirmed for US Release on December 8

The game Chain Chronicle might not ring a bell for most Sega fans outside of Japan, but in Sega’s homeland the game has been one of their most successful F2P mobile titles. The title earned Sega over $72 million USD in the nine months following its release, driving Sega to put more focus on their Sega Network division and their F2P mobile games. For the English version of the game, Sega Networks has partnered with Gumi Asia, who will be handling localization and continued development of the English version of the game.

The game is a line defense RPG, where the basic objective is rather simple: you have a team of characters that stands on a 3×3 grid. Behind them is a designated defense line, and in front of the team is an invading force that you must prevent from breaking through and reaching the defense line. To achieve this, you have all sorts of weapons and spells at your disposal. Here’s what Sega and Gumi had to say about the English version of the game in an official press release:

“After a successful launch in Japan, we have been looking for the right moment to bring the fan loved Chain Chronicle to the Western market,” said SEGA Networks CEO, Haruki Satomi. “Now is that time and we have full confidence that Gumi, with their solid track record, is the right partner to help our hit title find success in the West.”

Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO of gumi Inc. said: “I am thrilled that gumi is about to release Chain Chronicle to English speaking countries. With a deep game system and engaging story, the game was a great success in Japan and is sure to follow the same path worldwide. In the future, under our new partnership with Sega, we aim to make Chain Chronicle a big hit in English speaking countries, and will launch in as many countries we can to bring the game to as large a global audience as possible.”

David Ng, CEO of gumi Asia said: “The English version of Chain Chronicle will be the definitive edition of the game; one that is tailor-made for a worldwide audience and for mobile gaming fans. We were impressed with its performance in Japan; why not share this gem from SEGA with the rest of the world? With its breathtaking art and addictive gameplay, we fully believe that this strategy title will be a massive global hit in months to come.”

You can find the complete press release on Gumi’s website. More info on the game itself can be found on the official website. Gumi has also released a trailer for the English version, which you can watch below:

Chain Chronicle - RPG Official Trailer

So far, it seems Gumi will be handling everything concerning the western release of the game, as Sega doesn’t seem to be talking about the game on their own websites/social media. The game is scheduled for release in the US on iOS and Android on the 8th of December, with more regions to follow afterwards.

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