Persona 4: Dancing All Night Japanese Release Date and Trailer

In the midst of Persona 5’s big debut, Atlus have not forgotten about its other Persona title coming to Vita: Persona 4: Dancing All Night. During the 30+ hour Persona Channel stream, Atlus shared new information about the game’s release date and limited editions. Also, Atlus put out a new trailer showing off new music and characters who will appear, which you can watch below.

Dancing All Night’s newest trailer will allow you to listen to the new remixes of Persona 4’s OST. Among them include tracks like Pursuing My True Self remixed by Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso) and Time to Make History remixed by Akira Yamaoka and Heartbreak, Heartbreak remixed by Towa Tei. The video also features gameplay footage of more characters who will show up such as Nanako and Naoto.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is set to come out June 25th. The game will launch with two special editions.

Persona 4 Dancing Crazy Value Pack

The “Crazy Value Pack” features two soundtrack discs and DLC for 9,980 Yen.

Persona 4 Dancing Premium Crazy Box

While the “Premium Crazy Box” features everything from the Value Pack and throws in a Playstation Vita console themed after the game for 28,980 Yen.

Atlus will be bringing the game to North America this year; it remains to be seen if they will bring over any special editions.

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