Persona 5 New Trailer and Message From Producer

The wait is over! Atlus finally shared the first big trailer for Persona 5, which debuted after the Persona Super Live concert. You can watch the new trailer below.

ペルソナ5 PV#01

The trailer starts with an anime cutscene of a masked man followed by showing off how the protagonist does his daily life. The 3D graphics are similar to Persona Studio’s previous title Catherine, and the school life looks more dynamic compared to the PS2 titles. While brief, we got to look at the battles where the main characters become masked “heroes”. The action outside battles seem to have a lot of interaction with what looks like sneaking around a palace and traversing on chandeliers. If these are the dungeons, it’s an interesting twist on the franchise.

Persona 5’s producer Katsura Hashino has also written thoughts about the game on the official Persona website. It’s in Japanese, but Siliconera provided a translation for Western fans to read. Hashino talks about the meaning behind the game’s story and that the team is working hard to meet everybody’s expectations. In the past, he has written about how Persona 5 is influenced what he calls the difficulty of living in modern society.

Persona 5 will be localized by Atlus for PS3 and PS4 in North America.

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