Golden Week on US PlayStation Store Includes Plenty of Sega and Atlus Games!

Sony is celebrating Japan’s national holiday week with a “Golden Week” sale on the US PlayStation store. A ton of Sega and Atlus games are on sale right now, and we compiled the list of their discounted games below (with Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory included as well, given how it’s getting a crossover game with the SeHa Girls). As usual, PlayStation Plus members receive an additional discount. The discounts will be available until 5/05/2015. My thanks go to Kuronoa for helping me compile this list!

GamePublisherPlatformOld PriceNew PricePS Plus Price
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA FSEGAPS3$49.99$25.00$20.00
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA fSEGAPS Vita$29.99$17.99$14.99
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2ndSEGAPS3$49.99$29.99$24.99
Resonance of FateSEGAPS3$19.99$10.00$8.00
Yakuza: Dead SoulsSEGAPS3$19.99$10.00$8.00
AQUAPAZZAATLUS U.S.A.PS3$29.99$10.20$7.50
CatherineATLUS U.S.A.PS3$19.99$6.80$5.00
Citizens of EarthATLUS U.S.A.PS4$14.99$10.49$8.99
Citizens of EarthATLUS U.S.A.PS Vita$14.99$10.49$8.99
Conception II: Children of the Seven StarsATLUS U.S.A.PS Vita$29.99$12.00$9.00
Class of HeroesATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$14.99$5.10$3.75
Crimson Gem SagaATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$14.99$5.10$3.75
Demon’s SoulsATLUS U.S.A.PS3$19.99$6.80$5.00
Hexyz ForceATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$14.99$5.10$3.75
Kenka Bancho: Badass RumbleATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$14.99$5.10$3.75
Knights in the NightmareATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$14.99$5.10$3.75
Persona 4 ArenaATLUS U.S.A.PS3$29.99$10.20$7.50
Riviera : The Promised LandATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$9.99$3.40$2.50
Tears to Tiara II : Heir of the OverlordATLUS U.S.A.PS3$39.99$23.99$19.99
Yggdra UnionATLUS U.S.A.PSP/Vita$9.99$3.40$2.50
Hyperdimension Neptunia VictoryNIS AmericaPS3$29.99$10.20$7.50

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