Project X Zone 2 Commercial

Project X Zone 2 1st Commercial, Japanese Demo and 2nd PV Coming Soon

The first Japanese commercial for Project X Zone 2, due for release on November 11th in Japan, has been published online. It’s short, but some quick new character glimpses are available (notably, of Street Fighter‘s M.Bison and Xenosaga‘s T-Elos as villains hiding in the featured image above) though nothing else can be seen.

Additionally, the official website’s blog (which receives the occasional update, sometimes even when character reveals aren’t announced) has a new entry posted on it revealing some cool items: a Japanese demo planned for the 9th of October, and announcement of the impending release of the second promotional video. The Western releases of Project X Zone did see two demos; hopefully audiences for the localized versions will also have access to demos as their release dates approach.

As for the second PV – a lot of new information is promised for this video. It’s probably the last major push possible for this game since there’s a little less than a month remaining until the game releases. So all information, including the character roster, is ideally known sooner so that people on the fence will be able to bite. I’m hoping we get as many characters in Pair Units as possible, and I’d love to hear whether or not Shenmue‘s Ryo Hazuki is part of a Pair or is a Solo Unit.

Check out the commercial after the break!

(credit for the featured image goes to this Famitsu article)


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