Stella Glow Alto Regnant Knight

Stella Glow: “The Knights of Regnant” Trailer

AtlusUSA is producing English trailers to promote the English release of Stella Glow. This trailer covers the “Knights of Regnant” – more specifically, the 9th regiment of the Knights which features the protagonist Alto and his squadmates Rusty, Archibald, and Klaus. Alto is a spirited young man and acts as you’d expect from a lead protagonist. Klaus is a knight commander who is even-keeled. Archibald possesses a gruff exterior and a strong sense of camaraderie and nobility. Rusty tends to have his mind more on social things than battle or politics. Collectively the Knights of Regnant are tasked with recruiting Song Witches to fight the evil Witch Hilda.

This video is important because it allows viewers to take a look at the English voice acting! Be sure to keep both eyes and ears peeled. Check it out below.

Stella Glow: The Knights of Regnant

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