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Project X Zone 2: New York Comic Con 2015 English Trailer

The 2nd PV that Monolith Soft had been teasing for Project X Zone 2 was unleashed on the world earlier today. A large portion of it is dedicated to showing off the attacks of various Solo Units and Pair Units. The recently revealed characters Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue (Solo) and Ranmaru from Sakura Wars V/Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Enemy) were also featured in the trailer. Some other cool tidbits featured include what appear to be stage hazards and the game’s shop system.

There’s been some concern among fans about this trailer suggesting that the known roster is the complete roster. Once the full roster of playable characters had been revealed for Project X Zone, a similar type of trailer showcasing attacks of each Pair Unit was developed and published. In addition, we can see segments of the opening cinematic (though not in its entirety) in this trailer – and particularly, a wide shot of the known cast of characters. That being said, I would caution against assuming it applies here. An official PXZ2 development team blog post released in conjunction with the uploading of PV #2 teases more surprises – while this wording is obviously ambiguous in what it’s referencing, it would at least mean that we don’t know everything about Project X Zone 2 that there is to know.

This trailer is being used by Bandai Namco Entertainement to promote the game at New York Comic Con 2015. They’ve actually been fairly supportive of Project X Zone and Project X Zone 2 at English gaming conventions, perhaps owing due to the English fans that have shown their support for these crossover titles.

The opening theme “All the World’s a Stage” by marina is also showcased in the trailer. Listen and watch after the break! And if you have any other characters that you might want to see, let us know!

Project X Zone 2 - New York Comic Con 2015 Trailer

2 thoughts on “Project X Zone 2: New York Comic Con 2015 English Trailer

  1. landman

    What worries me about this trailer is that the Japanese version has each group of characters with their respective musics, and the English one has only a generic music, I really hope all themes can be licensed for the west, I was really surprised to hear Segata’s theme in the Japanese trailer, I want to hear it in the final western release too.

    1. InTheSky Post author

      I can’t remember the particulars offhand, but I’ve read elsewhere that some of the themes have definitely been omitted for the Western release. Some themes absolutely have to be included because there aren’t any alternatives for a particular team (like Sakura Wars themes, Toki no Kaidan for .hack.) Here’s to hoping we get to keep as many as possible =(

      There should be a demo playable at NYCC 2015, which explains how people are finding out some tidbits on the game!


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