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Figma Ulala

Max Factory’s Ulala Figma Is Now Available for Pre-Order

Ulala, the main character of Sega’s Space Channel 5 games, is celebrating her birthday today. At the same time, Max Factory has opened pre-orders for their Ulala figma, initially revealed in July last year during Wonfes 2016. The figma is set to be released this December, and in two different versions. There’s the Ulala: Cheery White Version and the Ulala: Exciting Orange Version, the latter which is exclusively available via Good Smile Company. The figma measures approximately 150mm in height and has moveable eyes. Also included with the figma are a microphone, gun, three Morolians and an articulated figma stand. The standard price for both figmas is 7,800 yen, tax included (around $70 USD). You can find a few pre-order links for various online stores below, along with a couple of photos and a promotional video by Good Smile Company.

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Space Channel 5 VR Logo

Grounding Inc Announces Space Channel 5 VR: Ukiuki Viewing Show for Tokyo Game Show 2016

Developer Grounding Inc. (Crimson Dragon, Sakura Samurai), in collaboration with SEGA,  have announced the latest entry of the Space Channel 5 series titled Space Channel 5 VR: Ukiuki Viewing Show to be demoed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016. Using the HTC Vive VR headset technology, fans can watch Ulala’s Swingin’ Report Show like they never have before. Whether or not this will become a full game or made compatible with other VR equipment has yet to be revealed. You can visit the official Japanese website here. By clicking on the graphics shown on the page, you can find more information about the event, if anyone is thinking of trying the demo in person at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Game Symphony Japan Concert Series Announces: SEGA Special 2016

As part of the 17th entry into the Game Symphony Japan Concert Series, GSJ has announced a new and familiar performance concept – the SEGA Special 2016! Set for July 17th of this year, it features many songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS into Dreams…, Puyo Puyo, Sakura Wars, and Space Channel 5 franchises. This event continues Game Syphony Japan’s performances of SEGA-themed music.

Seating tickets are separated into three classes. S class seating costs ¥8,500, A class seating costs ¥7,500, and B class seating costs ¥6,500. Special musical guests include Tomoya Ohtani, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, and Jun Senoue. The venue will be the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

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Project X Zone 2 Ryo Akira Kage Ulala

Project X Zone 2: New York Comic Con 2015 English Trailer

The 2nd PV that Monolith Soft had been teasing for Project X Zone 2 was unleashed on the world earlier today. A large portion of it is dedicated to showing off the attacks of various Solo Units and Pair Units. The recently revealed characters Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue (Solo) and Ranmaru from Sakura Wars V/Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Enemy) were also featured in the trailer. Some other cool tidbits featured include what appear to be stage hazards and the game’s shop system.

There’s been some concern among fans about this trailer suggesting that the known roster is the complete roster. Once the full roster of playable characters had been revealed for Project X Zone, a similar type of trailer showcasing attacks of each Pair Unit was developed and published. In addition, we can see segments of the opening cinematic (though not in its entirety) in this trailer – and particularly, a wide shot of the known cast of characters. That being said, I would caution against assuming it applies here. An official PXZ2 development team blog post released in conjunction with the uploading of PV #2 teases more surprises – while this wording is obviously ambiguous in what it’s referencing, it would at least mean that we don’t know everything about Project X Zone 2 that there is to know.

This trailer is being used by Bandai Namco Entertainement to promote the game at New York Comic Con 2015. They’ve actually been fairly supportive of Project X Zone and Project X Zone 2 at English gaming conventions, perhaps owing due to the English fans that have shown their support for these crossover titles.

The opening theme “All the World’s a Stage” by marina is also showcased in the trailer. Listen and watch after the break! And if you have any other characters that you might want to see, let us know!

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Project X Zone 2 TGS Trailer (No New Characters Announced So Far)

Bandai Namco’s TGS stream showed off a new trailer for Project X Zone 2. A decent amount of the footage is recycled, but we do see some new things like Hibana and Leanne’s cut-ins for their Solo attacks. And, there is Segata Sanshiro, love him or hate him (the second option isn’t allowed, though.)

Check it out after the break. The latter portion of the trailer after the logo cut-in shows off limited edition goods that are currently only announced for Japan at this time. However, the roster is certainly not completely announced yet – check out the franchise list and the “and more…” message at the trailer’s end.

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Segata Sanshiro and Space Channel 5’s Shadow debut in Project X Zone 2

Sega Saturn enthusiasts rejoice! Famitsu unveiled the latest additions to the Project X Zone 2 roster. The biggest surprise being that Segata Sanshiro has returned to show bad guys who’s boss as a solo unit in Project X Zone 2. Segata Sanshiro was Sega’s masterpiece as far as marketing strategy goes and starred in numerous Sega Saturn commercials, portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka, as well as his own Saturn title in Japan. Hiroshi Fujioka will also be contributing voice work for Segata Sanshiro in this game too.

Additional characters on Sega’s side of the roster include the return of the Resonance of Fate team. This time around, Zephyr and Vashyron will be the pair unit and Leanne will take the role as a solo unit. Shadow, from Space Channel 5 Part 2, will be an Enemy unit to fight. Normally Ulala and Pudding are the representatives for cameo appearances, so it is nice to see other characters cross over.

You can check out the artwork and screenshots for the Sega characters below at the end of the article!
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Project X Zone 2: “Crossing Paths” Trailer, Release Date Change

The first promotional video for Project X Zone 2 that Banpresto have been working on finally hit the internet, in commemoration with a media blitz that Bandai Namco is pushing for their games as part of Japan Expo 2015 in Paris. Be sure to watch it! There isn’t much in the way of new content, but this is actually our first peek into the voice acting for the game. In addition, we get to see a lot of the attacks that the characters will be able to use in this game.

There’s a discrepancy between the Japanese trailer and the English trailer – some of the video content from the Japanese trailer (namely things like Adventure of the Valkyrie DLC, 3DS themes) weren’t present in the English trailer. The segment on the “Original Game Sound Edition” was also omitted from the English trailer. The game is coming out on November 12 in Japan, but the English trailer notes (from Bandai Namco Europe) an early 2016 release date. Odds are this could very well apply to North America, too, so let’s prepare ourselves.

You can check out both trailers after the break. We’ve also attached a gallery with select images based on the trailer’s Japanese version for your browsing, too. Remember that the roster is certainly not stopping here. Wish for your favorites!

…I still find it funny that the Yakuza team’s super attack is called “Ryu ga Gotoku.”

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Project X Zone 2 E3 2015 Trailer; Ulala, Felicia, Valkyrie Confirmed in Separate Image

Bandai Namco Europe just uploaded a new trailer for Project X Zone 2 for E3 2015 promotional purposes. It’s the first glimpse of gameplay in motion for the game. It features two teams in action from each publisher. The trailer theme is a remix of the previous trailer’s background theme; looks like it will be the main musical theme for this game.

From Sega, it’s Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima from Yakuza, and Akira Yuki and Kage-Maru from Virtua Fighter. From Bandai Namco, it’s Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, and Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia. And from Capcom: Mega Man X and Zero from the Mega Man X series, and Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter. Attacks from each pair of characters can be seen in the trailer. The combat interface is different, and even returning teams have new attacks.

The thumbnail for the E3 trailer shows Project X Zone 2-styled art for Felicia from Capcom’s Darkstalkers, Valkyrie from Bandai Namco’s The Legend of Valkyrie, and Ulala from Sega’s Space Channel 5. Presumably they are all support characters; while there will probably be more teams that branch across publishing companies (like Strider Hiryu from Capcom and Hotsuma from Sega) there’s nothing quite yet to suggest that any of these three is a pair unit. These characters aren’t present in the trailer, but it’s confirmation of their presence nonetheless.

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Love Live’s Rin to Promote Sega Franchises in Japan

Last year, Sega of Japan announced a “Sega X Love Live” cross-promotional campaign wherein Love Live’s Rin Hoshizora would occasionally be used to promote Sega franchises. The campaign has already been put to work, with a handful of media featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and Rin making use of this promotion.

Rin Sonic

However, a new page for this promotion was created earlier this year, asking for input on a specific franchise (among a set of choices) that would crossover with Rin for promotional purposes. One known result for the winner: a special graphical illustration featuring Rin and the winning title. The choices were:

  • Yakuza
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Border Break
  • Chain Chronicle
  • Space Channel 5
  • Virtua Fighter
  • Wonderland Wars

Some current results for the poll were recently announced, and Puyo Puyo is currently in the lead. I can’t help but wonder how interesting it would be to have Rin help promote Yakuza or Virtua Fighter. In addition, that Space Channel 5 was a selectable option is a pleasant surprise, considering the franchise’s inactivity. If the results skew more favorably for Space Channel 5, it might suggest the desire for another Space Channel 5-related initiative. Or, to be more optimistic, perhaps the franchise being mentioned at all might portend good things. Let’s hope Space Channel 5 being featured in the SeHa Girls anime is the start of something more for the franchise!

In any case, Puyo Puyo was followed by Yakuza and Chain Chronicle in the polling results. Off of the heels of the Puyo Puyo play, it’s nice to see the franchise receiving continued attention in Japan. But of course, the polling’s not over yet – it closes on May 31st.