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Segata Sanshiro and Space Channel 5’s Shadow debut in Project X Zone 2

Sega Saturn enthusiasts rejoice! Famitsu unveiled the latest additions to the Project X Zone 2 roster. The biggest surprise being that Segata Sanshiro has returned to show bad guys who’s boss as a solo unit in Project X Zone 2. Segata Sanshiro was Sega’s masterpiece as far as marketing strategy goes and starred in numerous Sega Saturn commercials, portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka, as well as his own Saturn title in Japan. Hiroshi Fujioka will also be contributing voice work for Segata Sanshiro in this game too.

Additional characters on Sega’s side of the roster include the return of the Resonance of Fate team. This time around, Zephyr and Vashyron will be the pair unit and Leanne will take the role as a solo unit. Shadow, from Space Channel 5 Part 2, will be an Enemy unit to fight. Normally Ulala and Pudding are the representatives for cameo appearances, so it is nice to see other characters cross over.

You can check out the artwork and screenshots for the Sega characters below at the end of the article!
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