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Daytona USA

SEGA Classics and Persona Games on Sale on the US PlayStation Store

Sony have launched another round of sales on the US PlayStation Store, and the list includes several SEGA and Atlus games. On the SEGA side, we have several classic SEGA games such as Daytona USA, NiGHTS into Dreams as well as newer games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Resonance of Fate. On the side of Atlus, Both Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax are all on sale. You can find the list of discounted games below, with a link to the PSN Store page. Note that some of these sales end on April 26, while others end one week later on May 5.

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Project X Zone 2 Ryo Akira Kage Ulala

Project X Zone 2: New York Comic Con 2015 English Trailer

The 2nd PV that Monolith Soft had been teasing for Project X Zone 2 was unleashed on the world earlier today. A large portion of it is dedicated to showing off the attacks of various Solo Units and Pair Units. The recently revealed characters Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue (Solo) and Ranmaru from Sakura Wars V/Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (Enemy) were also featured in the trailer. Some other cool tidbits featured include what appear to be stage hazards and the game’s shop system.

There’s been some concern among fans about this trailer suggesting that the known roster is the complete roster. Once the full roster of playable characters had been revealed for Project X Zone, a similar type of trailer showcasing attacks of each Pair Unit was developed and published. In addition, we can see segments of the opening cinematic (though not in its entirety) in this trailer – and particularly, a wide shot of the known cast of characters. That being said, I would caution against assuming it applies here. An official PXZ2 development team blog post released in conjunction with the uploading of PV #2 teases more surprises – while this wording is obviously ambiguous in what it’s referencing, it would at least mean that we don’t know everything about Project X Zone 2 that there is to know.

This trailer is being used by Bandai Namco Entertainement to promote the game at New York Comic Con 2015. They’ve actually been fairly supportive of Project X Zone and Project X Zone 2 at English gaming conventions, perhaps owing due to the English fans that have shown their support for these crossover titles.

The opening theme “All the World’s a Stage” by marina is also showcased in the trailer. Listen and watch after the break! And if you have any other characters that you might want to see, let us know!

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Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki and Sakura Wars’ Ranmaru Join Project X Zone 2

Famitsu shared the latest information about Project X Zone 2’s roster. Ryo Hazuki’s inclusion was no longer a secret when the Korean preview of the game leaked his appearance. Still, we are now able to take a look at artwork and screenshots of the Shenmue hero in action as a Solo Unit. Another Sega character reveal is Ranmaru from Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love. The loyal attendant of Nobunaga Oda will be an enemy unit to fight. Finally, Garigliano from Resonance of Fate will be a NPC in the story. As you can see in the screenshot gallery at the bottom of the article, he will have an amusing conversation with Segata Sanshiro.
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Project X Zone 2 TGS Trailer (No New Characters Announced So Far)

Bandai Namco’s TGS stream showed off a new trailer for Project X Zone 2. A decent amount of the footage is recycled, but we do see some new things like Hibana and Leanne’s cut-ins for their Solo attacks. And, there is Segata Sanshiro, love him or hate him (the second option isn’t allowed, though.)

Check it out after the break. The latter portion of the trailer after the logo cut-in shows off limited edition goods that are currently only announced for Japan at this time. However, the roster is certainly not completely announced yet – check out the franchise list and the “and more…” message at the trailer’s end.

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Segata Sanshiro and Space Channel 5’s Shadow debut in Project X Zone 2

Sega Saturn enthusiasts rejoice! Famitsu unveiled the latest additions to the Project X Zone 2 roster. The biggest surprise being that Segata Sanshiro has returned to show bad guys who’s boss as a solo unit in Project X Zone 2. Segata Sanshiro was Sega’s masterpiece as far as marketing strategy goes and starred in numerous Sega Saturn commercials, portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka, as well as his own Saturn title in Japan. Hiroshi Fujioka will also be contributing voice work for Segata Sanshiro in this game too.

Additional characters on Sega’s side of the roster include the return of the Resonance of Fate team. This time around, Zephyr and Vashyron will be the pair unit and Leanne will take the role as a solo unit. Shadow, from Space Channel 5 Part 2, will be an Enemy unit to fight. Normally Ulala and Pudding are the representatives for cameo appearances, so it is nice to see other characters cross over.

You can check out the artwork and screenshots for the Sega characters below at the end of the article!
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Sci-Fi Flash Sale on NA PS Store includes Resonance of Fate and Anarchy Reigns

Sony has announced a Sci-Fi themed flash sale on the North American Playstation Store. The sale is active until July 20th. We’ve made a list of the Sega related titles, including Resonance of Fate and Anarchy Reigns, both which have an incredibly low price. To help you catch up, the list also include discounted games for the Neptunia franchise, which will be featured in a crossover game with the Sega Hard Girls called Hyperdimension War Neptunia vs Sega Hard Girls: Dream Fusion Special. You can check out the prices below.

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“Big in Japan” EU PlayStation Store Sales Include Plenty of Sega and Atlus Games!

EU gamers felt left out when Sony had a “Golden Week” sale on the US PlayStation Store earlier this year, but Sony has now announced a similar sales initiative named “Big in Japan” for the EU PlayStation Store,  which sees a plethora of Japanese games sold at a discounted price for the PS3, PS Vita and PSP. We made a list of all the Atlus and Sega games featured in the sales, together with their new price. Not listed below but perhaps worth noting is that many of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, a franchise which will receive a crossover game with the SeHa Girls, have been discounted as well. The sales ends on July 7th.

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Developer tri-Ace Acquired by Nepro Japan

Mobile company Nepro Japan have announced they have acquired developer tri-Ace, best known for Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and Sega RPGs Resonance of Fate and Phantasy Star Nova.

Nepro Japan primarily works with the mobile industry, providing both gaming and non-gaming services. Nepro Japan plans to strengthen and expand their mobile gaming business, which leads them to buying the RPG developer. Prior to purchasing tri-Ace, Nepro also already owned developer Mobile and Game Studio (MGS) who are best known for the Square-Enix arcade series Lord of Vermillion and Capcom’s Okami sequel Okamiden on DS. While Nepro Japan intends to release more mobile games in the future, it is unclear if tri-Ace can be contracted by other companies to make sequels (seeing as Square and Sega own their respective properties that tri-Ace has worked on) or will be making other console games at this time.

Resonance of Fate Now Available On PSN

It has been a while since the release of Resonance of Fate back in 2010, but Sega has finally released a digital PSN version of the Tri-Ace RPG on the US PSN for $19.99. Previously only the 360 version was available digitally.

Resonance of Fate stood out from other JRPGs on console for its battle system with an emphasis on gunplay and its steampunk world.  While the game is a one-shot at the moment, Sega fans can find references and cameos to the game in the form of costumes in Project Diva 2nd and Phantasy Star Portable 2 as well as playable characters in the 3DS crossover Project X Zone.  Phantasy Star Nova will also feature Resonance of Fate costumes and weapon options alongside other Tri-Ace cameos for Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile.

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