Developer tri-Ace Will Continue to Make Console Games

Siliconera translated the latest press release by Nepro Japan about the fate of tri-Ace after being acquired last month. In case you missed the news, mobile company Nepro Japan purchased the RPG developer to expand their gaming business.

Nepro Japan elaborated on their future plans for their two gaming developers tri-Ace and Mobile and Game Studio (MGS). These plans are split into four objectives: to have a high satisfaction rate with customers and publishers, to pioneer in new technology development, to gather and raise talented individuals and to be the top group in scale and profits.

Nepro Japan then explained what platforms each developer will focus on. While being a part of a new family, tri-Ace will maintain and strengthen their console development as well as create and strengthen their mobile development. Mobile and Game Studio, on the other hand, will cover arcade and mobile development. Each company is still allowed to work with other publishers as they did before the acquisition. Both companies have ties to Square-Enix, while tri-Ace have worked for both Sega and Konami.

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