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Daytona USA

SEGA Classics and Persona Games on Sale on the US PlayStation Store

Sony have launched another round of sales on the US PlayStation Store, and the list includes several SEGA and Atlus games. On the SEGA side, we have several classic SEGA games such as Daytona USA, NiGHTS into Dreams as well as newer games such as Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Resonance of Fate. On the side of Atlus, Both Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax are all on sale. You can find the list of discounted games below, with a link to the PSN Store page. Note that some of these sales end on April 26, while others end one week later on May 5.

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Persona 4 Ultimax PlayStation Store Boxart

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is Part of the Free PlayStation Plus Games Lineup in February

One of the benefits of the PlayStation Plus subscription is that you get access to a free list of games every month. In February last year, Yakuza 4 was part of that list. Today, Sony revealed the games that will be made available to PS Plus subscribers this February in both the US and the EU, and it contains an Atlus game, namely Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. This 2D fighting game from Atlus is the sequel to the original Persona 4 Arena, and both games were developed by Arc System Works (known for Guilty Gear and BlazBlue).

Despite being 2D fighting games at heart, both featured an unusually elaborate plot, set after the events of Persona 4. Told in the style of a visual novel, the stories featured most of the main characters of Persona 3 and Persona 4, and also introduced new ones. For that reason, for fans of the Persona series the game is almost worth playing for the story alone. That said, the story relies heavily on the player’s knowledge of the previous games, so not knowing the background story or the characters will likely make the story a lot less interesting.

I do find it a bit surprising that they picked the sequel (Ultimax) for the PS Plus lineup instead of the original Persona 4 Arena, which to my knowledge has not been made available for free on PS Plus before. After all, the story for Ultimax serves as a direct sequel to Persona 4 Arena. Regardless, it’s both a solid fighting game and an elaborate epilogue to Persona 3 and Persona 4, so if you’re getting it for free, there’s no reason not to try the game!

Source: EU PlayStation Blog and US PlayStation Blog

Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Catherine, and Dengeki Bunko: FIGHTING CLIMAX Featured at EVO 2015

Some of our readers who are interested in competitive fighting games should be aware that EVO 2015 took place this past weekend. Persona 4: Arena Ultimax was one of the headlining events. Sega’s Dengeki Bunko: FIGHTING CLIMAX and Atlus’s Catherine were featured as side events at EVO 2015. So while they weren’t featured as main stage events and enjoyed the large pot bonuses that some other games may have enjoyed, they were also streamed through Twitch channels and many players had the opportunity to compete against each other in the tense but fun atmosphere of EVO.

Be sure to continue reading! It was a fun event, and a quick recap awaits after the break.

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“Big in Japan” EU PlayStation Store Sales Include Plenty of Sega and Atlus Games!

EU gamers felt left out when Sony had a “Golden Week” sale on the US PlayStation Store earlier this year, but Sony has now announced a similar sales initiative named “Big in Japan” for the EU PlayStation Store,  which sees a plethora of Japanese games sold at a discounted price for the PS3, PS Vita and PSP. We made a list of all the Atlus and Sega games featured in the sales, together with their new price. Not listed below but perhaps worth noting is that many of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games, a franchise which will receive a crossover game with the SeHa Girls, have been discounted as well. The sales ends on July 7th.

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Sega-Sammy Posts Net Loss in FY 2015

Sega-Sammy have revealed their results for the past fiscal year (ending March 30, 2015), and they’re not particularly good. The company has posted a 11.2 billion yen loss, compared to their 30.721 billion yen profit the year before. While the consumer business (the one with Sega’s console/PC/mobile games) managed to do better than the year before by posting a 4 million yen profit, the Pachinko/Pachislot saw a drastic decline in profit, with income nearly half of that of the year before (still 25.796 billion yen). Things looked particularly bad for the Amusement Machine Sales and Amusement Center Operations side, which both posted net losses. All this contributed to a considerably reduced income, leading to an overall net loss for the holding company.

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EU PlayStation Store Sales with Plenty of Sega Arcade Titles and P4A Ultimax Ending Soon

Sony has been selling a lot of arcade titles on the EU PlayStation Store at a heavy discount since April 22, but the sales will be ending soon. Sega fans in the EU may want to check them out before they’re over, given how many Sega arcade titles are available. Atlus only has one title, but it’s one of their more recent titles, namely Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. You can find a list of all the Sega and Atlus games and their discounts below. Note that this time around, the additional PlayStation Plus discount seems to be applied to the original price. In other words, if a game is discounted as 50% with an additional 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, you get a 60% discount. Usually, the 10% discount is applied to the already discounted price, which in the previous example would result in a 55% discount. The sale ends on May 6, 2015.

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Project Diva F 2nd and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Released in Europe

Europe got not one but two games from Sega and Atlus yesterday. The first one of those is of course Project Diva F 2nd. We’ve detailed the release of the US version in an earlier article. The sequel to Project Diva F brings with it an improved localization (with English song lyrics) and other features such as Japanese save imports, on top of what was already a great rhythm game. The game is available for both the PS3 and PS Vita.

Apart from Project Diva F 2nd, Sega Europe has also released Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Unfortunately, there’s some bad news here. Despite the fact that the European fans had to wait longer for the release of the game, the Marie/Adachi DLC, which was offered for free in the US for the first week, won’t be free at all for Europe. Instead, they’ll cost you €4,49 or £3.69 each. Despite that setback, the game itself has been receiving very positive reviews. Anyone that enjoyed the first game is unlikely to be disappointed by the sequel. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

If you’re playing either of these games, why not let us know in the comments? We always enjoy reading the comments from our readers!

Upcoming Sega and Atlus Games for November

November is proving to be an interesting month for Sega and Atlus fans, with plenty of games heading our way. First of all, tomorrow sees the release of Valkyria Chronicles on PC. IncGamer seem to be the first offering their impressions on the PC port, and judging from their article the port delivers exactly what Sega promised, with support for different resolutions, framerate equal to the refresh rate of your monitor and configurable mouse/keyboard support. The game is still available for pre-order on Steam with a 10% discount.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan Edition Announced for Europe

Although Sega Europe was already confirmed to be handling the publishing of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, it’s now been revealed that there will be a special edition of the game called Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan edition. Unfortunately, like the Persona Q limited edition, this Persona 4 Ultimax Fan edition will also be a retailer exclusive. The special edition can only be ordered from Rice Digital, and contains a T-Shirt (of which the design will be determined through a community vote) and the first set of Tarot cards (the second set is included in NISA’s Persona Q Wild Cards edition).

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax European Release Date Confirmed for November, Gets New Story Trailer

We reported earlier that Sega Europe would be publishing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax in Europe, and now we’ve learned that the release date will be set in November (this time without region-locking!). Sega Europe’s COO Jurgen Post had this to say in an official press release:

“We’re delighted to be able to bring Persona 4 Arena Ultimax to Europe for all the fans of the series over here,” said Jurgen Post, president and COO for Sega Europe. “It represents a great new addition to Sega’s portfolio of tournament calibre fighting games.”

Also worth noting is that the game is receiving both a physical and a digital release in Europe, which is a departure from titles like Shin Megami Tensei IV receiving a digital-only release.

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