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SEGA and Atlus Fan Art by Koyorin

In the past we’ve already featured fanart related to SEGA and Atlus characters on our website, and today we’d like to share Koyorin‘s artwork with you. I think you’ll agree that it looks really impressive! Below you can find a large selection of Koyorin’s artwork from the past 3 years that was based on various SEGA and Atlus franchises. On the side of Atlus and Vanillaware you’ll find fanart based on the Persona franchise, Catherine, Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere, while on the SEGA side there’s artwork of Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta, as well as Hatsune Miku and KanColle.

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Catherine Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Catherine a New Arrival to Xbox One!

Larry Hryb of Xbox updated his list Xbox One backwards-compatible titles, and among them is Atlus’ adventure / puzzle cult hit Catherine. The blog post featuring a list of backwards compatible titles is updated to reflect the inclusion of Catherine, alongside other games such as CLANNAD and Planets Under Attack.

Since its release, Catherine has been well-received for its unique story concept and gameplay hybridization, and Catherine’s competitive scene has received a second wind as of late, as well.

Some of the SEGA titles of note that are also currently available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility include Phantasy Star II, Jet Set Radio Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, and Bayonetta.

Katherine, from the PS3 game Catherine.

Catherine Is Now Available on Sony’s PlayStation Now Service

Sony has recently announced 25 games that will be joining the PlayStation Now service, and the list includes the puzzle platform game Catherine from Atlus. Catherine is a rather unique game, and was one of the rare games that was oriented towards adults not just because of its (ultimately tame) suggestive themes. but rather its characters and setting. The game was arguably somewhat of a social experiment, exploring where the players stands on topics regarding marriage and commitment, which are rarely explored in video games. If you haven’t played the game yet, I recommend giving it a try if you get the chance.

If you’re wondering what PlayStation Now actually is, it’s comparable to streaming services like Netflix, but for PS3 games. Instead of using a local console, the actual game is being processed on a remote server. All you need is a fast Internet connection, a Dualshock controller, and a device compatible with the service. Subscribing to PlayStation Now, or paying on a per-game basis, allows you to stream PS3 games to various devices, including the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Samsung and Sony TVs. Aside from Catherine from Atlus, a number of SEGA games are also available on the service. We compiled the list of games for the US here:

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Persona 5 Catherine Costumes Dlc

Persona 5 Has Shipped 550,000 Copies In Japan, Free DLC Announced

Atlus has announced that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Persona 5 have shipped a combined total of 550,000 copies (retail + digital) in Japan. As you can imagine Atlus is pleased with these results, and as a thank you to the people who bought the game they will be releasing free DLC. One of them consists of swimsuit costumes for the game’s main cast (wearable in dungeons), while the other DLC consist of costumes, a BGM Special Set and Lambs’ Pillow accessory item, all based on the Atlus game Catherine. The swimsuit DLC will be available for free starting from October 5, while the Catherine DLC is free only for a limited time from October 5 through October 10 (after which it will cost 800 yen).

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Golden Week on the US PlayStation Store Includes Various SEGA and Atlus games

Sony has started their annual Golden Week sale on the US PlayStation Store, and as you may expect it contains several Atlus and SEGA games. Aside from the regular discounts, PlayStation Plus subscribers get an additional discount on the games. The sales end on May 3. As usual, you can find the complete list of games below!

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EVO 2015

EVO 2015 Catherine Event Archive Now on YouTube

John L. Hardin of Atlus recently archived the EVO 2015 competitive Catherine event and uploaded it to AtlusUSA’s YouTube account. We appreciate his and Atlus’ attention to this event at EVO 2015! After the break, we’ve attached the archived footage for your viewing. There will be two videos – one full video (a little under five and a half hours) that captures the whole event, and another (lasting about 45 minutes) that starts with Loser’s Bracket Finals. The latter video is closer to the very end of the tournament, and is where we can expect the caliber of play to be ramped up considerably. Though considering the diehard fan favorite status of the event itself, surely this was event that attracted the most dedicated of players.

Some of you competitive Catherine folk have some crazy tags. It’s almost like the funny stuff that shows up at horseraces. I love it, though.

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Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Catherine, and Dengeki Bunko: FIGHTING CLIMAX Featured at EVO 2015

Some of our readers who are interested in competitive fighting games should be aware that EVO 2015 took place this past weekend. Persona 4: Arena Ultimax was one of the headlining events. Sega’s Dengeki Bunko: FIGHTING CLIMAX and Atlus’s Catherine were featured as side events at EVO 2015. So while they weren’t featured as main stage events and enjoyed the large pot bonuses that some other games may have enjoyed, they were also streamed through Twitch channels and many players had the opportunity to compete against each other in the tense but fun atmosphere of EVO.

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Sales of the Dead on PSN Includes Atlus Games

A quick update here for those interested in sales on Atlus games. The second batch of sales in Sony’s “Sales of the Dead” on PSN includes two Atlus games: Abyss Odyssey and Catherine. Both games can now be downloaded for $9.99, with an additional discount for those with a PSN Plus subscription (more details below). The sales end on November 3rd.

GameOld PriceNew PricePS Plus Price
Abyss Odyssey (PS3)$14.99$9.99$7.49
Catherine (PS3)$19.99$9.99$6.99