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PlayStation Store EU Black Friday Sales

PlayStation Store Black Friday Sales Includes Atlus Games for EU, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls for US

The Black Friday sales on the EU and US PlayStation Store will end soon, and since they include several Atlus games (on the EU store) and also Idea Factory International’s Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (on the US store), we decided to make a quick article with an overview of what’s on offer. You can view that list below! The Black Friday sales end Tuesday, November 29.

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Golden Week on the US PlayStation Store Includes Various SEGA and Atlus games

Sony has started their annual Golden Week sale on the US PlayStation Store, and as you may expect it contains several Atlus and SEGA games. Aside from the regular discounts, PlayStation Plus subscribers get an additional discount on the games. The sales end on May 3. As usual, you can find the complete list of games below!

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night, Persona 4 Golden and Lost Dimension Discounted on US PSN Store

Three Atlus games have been discounted on the US PlayStation Store starting today until March 1. These include the PS Vita RPG Persona 4 Golden, its rhythm game spin-off Persona 4: Dancing All Night and the tactical RPG Lost Dimension. Take a look at the list below for more information on the discounts, and a link to the PlayStation store pages for the games in question!

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Lost Dimension Thumbnail

Lost Dimension Launch Trailer

AtlusUSA uploaded a new trailer for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita title Lost Dimension in conjunction with the game’s July 28 release in North America (Europe will be getting this game in a month.) The trailer is a little under a minute and a half, and touches all of the major bases in the game: the battle system, the basic story concept, the voting process. It’s a good recap for all of the information thus far on Lost Dimension and it also serves as a good introduction for those who don’t know what the game is about.

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Lost Dimension The End

Lost Dimension Trailer: The End (The Character)

Here’s The Article containing The Trailer for The End, The Character, who apparently shows up at The Beginning (but also presumably shows up at other parts of the story including The End, and by The End I mean a particular point in the game’s plot progression and not the character himself.) To let you know that The End of humanity is coming.

He is a terrorist, self-styled agent of the apocalypse, and delights in the suffering and impending doom that he aims to bring upon humanity. The Pillar, his lair, is designed in such a way to psychologically torture the characters of the game, as the team must guess at the traitors amongst the ranks and eliminate one team member periodically through the journey to the top.

Continue reading to check out the English trailer! Lost Dimension is coming to North America on July 28 (two weeks!) and Europe on August 28.

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Lost Dimension Poster

Lost Dimension’s “Deep Vision” Trailer

AtlusUSA uploaded a new trailer for Lost Dimension ahead of its impending North American (July 28th) and European (August 28th) releases. It’s a minute long and offers a glimpse into the Judgment process that occurs after a battle.

During the Judgment section, you’ll be able to keep track of current relationships with your compatriots as well as “mark” your assessment of their trustworthiness for future reference, essentially making a personal note for yourself. Players will be given a set amount of Vision Points that can be used for Sho’s “Deep Vision” ability, which allows him to peer into the mind of one of your teammates and hopefully glean hints as to who among the group is the traitor. Then, players will allot Sho’s votes and determine who is to be permanently erased from the journey. The game isn’t necessarily going to suggest to you whether or not you’re making the right decision once someone has been erased. Choose well!

Check out the trailer after the break.

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New Lost Dimension Character Trailer: Mana and George

The character trailers for Lost Dimension keep on coming. This time we have two characters: Mana and George.

Mana’s psychic ability is labeled “Overdrive”, which enables her to deal significant damage to enemies with simple martial arts attacks. She has more than just short-ranged tricks to help her attack; she can also create earthquakes and attack by throwing objects at her foes. Mana’s described as a lover of cute things, but she also possesses a spirited personality. She wants to take decisive action and solve problems as soon as possible. Interestingly, the voicing director seemed to give her something that resembles an English accent – probably meant to differentiate her from other characters.

George’s ability is called “Psychometry.” It’s essentially the same thing as Mana’s psychic ability in that it accelerates the power of his attacks, but his own attacks are noticeably different from Mana’s, as we see him wielding a katana in battle. It’s worth noting that George is American, so seeing the combination of hot-blooded American sword-wielder is a bit funny, but the katana is the tool through his attacks are amplified, after all. He makes liberal use of words like “justice” in his speech. With such a magnanimous and clearly heroic personality, of course this is the last person who would betray the team. Right?

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Lost Dimension EU Release Date: August 28

Hopeful gamers in Europe will be able to buy Lost Dimension on August 28, one month after the North American release date of July 28. NISAmerica recently disclosed this release date alongside confirmation of physical and digital purchase options for the game, on both of its platforms (Vita and PS3.) Pricing has not been publicly announced, as of yet.

There’s no word yet on the availability of the DLC that will be offered to North American gamers. It’s going to be available free of charge for two weeks after the game’s release in that region – all told, it’s a nice package, including PSN avatars, in-game character costumes, maps for grinding and an extra story-related quest.

New Lost Dimension Character Trailer: Agito, Marco, and Nagi

AtlusUSA uploaded a new character trailer to their YouTube account, highlighting another batch of S.E.A.L.E.D. members. With this new set of characters, it’s really quite apparent that there’s no real harmony amongst the group – everyone has their own ideas about life and the world. That being said, only one of them will be the traitor when you play through the game, so don’t invest too much into appearances.

First, I would just like to mention that while the above image is in Japanese – the trailer is in English and features English voices. I just like that picture of Agito. Speaking of Agito…

Agito appears to be a pretty boy who makes up for in self-esteem what he lacks in charisma. He appreciates beauty, and tries to have the most aesthetically pleasing uniform amongst the S.E.A.L.E.D. members. I can’t say it’s not interesting; I actually kind of like it to be honest, in large part because it’s unique, but his hair is ridiculous. Anyway – Agito can teleport, which allows him to remain invisible as he moves. He can also teleport allies and enemies! Marco on the other hand seems less resolute about the mission to stop The End. He is telekinetic, and within the game this allows him raw offensive and defensive capabilities that are difficult for his comrades to measure up to. There’s a decent chance that underneath that reticent exterior is someone with conviction – strong enough to question the entire mission itself. Lastly, we have the cynical, perhaps coldly rational Nagi. It’s not immediately apparent that she has much of an investment in this conflict at all, besides simply being there and having a power that may help S.E.A.L.E.D. stop the world from ending. That power is described as levitation, which grants Nagi incomparable mobility across the map and also allows her to ram into enemies at high speed. Is she really all-business, or is her cold personality just an outer layer to the mystery that is this character?

Check out the trailer after the break!

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New Lost Dimension Character Trailer: Sojiro, Zenji, Himeno

AtlusUSA recently uploaded a new trailer showcasing another portion of the cast. Remember that these characters may or may not be your enemies during your playthrough, as one of the cast members will be covertly trying to sabotage your mission. The members of S.E.A.L.E.D., the task force designed to save the world from a demented terrorist known as “The End,” are all psychics whose gifts manifest in what can be basically described as superpowers.

The three characters shown off in the trailer are Sojiro, Zenji, and Himeno. Sojiro is knowledgeable in medicine and can heal or revive teammates. HIs personality is clinical and observant, seeming to have a quizzical outlook to The End’s gambit. Zenji is hot-blooded and resents The End’s mindgames. Uniquely, his specialty lies in his ability to copy the techniques of a nearby teammate – a highly flexible asset, but also situational. Himeno is a bit sullen and sarcastic, but also apparently isn’t intimidated by The End’s tricks, possessing a steely mind. She is a pyrokinetic, but according to Atlus can also manipulate ice too – making her a manipulator of water and energy who can rapidly alter temperatures. The duality of her personality reflects her psychic abilities.

The game is actually coming out on July 28th – fairly soon for North Americans! European gamers should expect a release sometime during the summer, though NISA Europe hasn’t given an exact release date just yet. Be sure to watch the trailer so you can get a taste of the voice acting – continue reading to check it out.

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