Developer tri-Ace Acquired by Nepro Japan

Mobile company Nepro Japan have announced they have acquired developer tri-Ace, best known for Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile and Sega RPGs Resonance of Fate and Phantasy Star Nova.

Nepro Japan primarily works with the mobile industry, providing both gaming and non-gaming services. Nepro Japan plans to strengthen and expand their mobile gaming business, which leads them to buying the RPG developer. Prior to purchasing tri-Ace, Nepro also already owned developer Mobile and Game Studio (MGS) who are best known for the Square-Enix arcade series Lord of Vermillion and Capcom’s Okami sequel Okamiden on DS. While Nepro Japan intends to release more mobile games in the future, it is unclear if tri-Ace can be contracted by other companies to make sequels (seeing as Square and Sega own their respective properties that tri-Ace has worked on) or will be making other console games at this time.

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