SEGA Reveals New Trailer for The World End Eclipse

The World End Eclipse, Sega’s upcoming free-to-play RPG for mobile, PC and PS Vita, has received a new Japanese trailer. The trailer shows the game’s premise, a world that was destroyed by dragons and where humanity is now trying to rebuild their civilization (in fact, they’re building their towns on the back of the dragons’ remains). Aside from the simulation element in the game, where you build your town, the game’s combat system is also shown. The combat seems like a variation on the grid based combat system seen in other SEGA mobile games like Chain Chronicle, where characters move in separate lines and advance towards the enemy. At the end of the video, we also get to hear an excerpt of the game’s theme song by May’n. Watch the new trailer below!

The iOS and Android version will be released this month, followed by the PC version in Fall 2015. The release date for the PlayStation Vita version has yet to be determined. There’s no word on the game being localized yet.

『ワールド エンド エクリプス』プロモーションムービー

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