More Rez Infinite Screenshots and Details Revealed

There’s a new post over on the official US PlayStation blog where Tetsuya Mizuguchi talks about Rez Infinite. It’s well worth a read, as it reveals among other things that the game will have both a VR Mode and a regular mode where you can just play the game on a TV. Below you can find a quote from Mizuguchi that explains why this version of the game will be the closest to what the team had originally envisioned, as well as a bunch of newly released HD screenshots of the game.

It’s only playing Rez Infinite on a PS4, especially in VR mode but even on a nice, big, modern flat screen (Rez Infinite can be played both as a normal game or in VR, your choice), that the game comes closest to what we saw in our heads when we were creating it: vivid colors that blend seamlessly into one another, crystal-clear textures, and razor-sharp lines only possible at full 1080p HD, all swimming around you at the speed-of-life 60 frames per second (120 frames per second in PS VR), with full 3D audio (PS VR) or 7.1 surround sound (PS4) that, well, truly surrounds you.
— Tetsuya Mizuguchi

1 thought on “More Rez Infinite Screenshots and Details Revealed

  1. landman

    Mizuguchi is wrong, they envisioned the game with trance vibrators!! and we already got that!! lol

    I want this on PC, I really want to puke or get an epileptic attack playing this on a VR visor, and morpheus is not the one I will be buying.


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