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Puyo Puyo Cafe! Featuring An Extensive Menu And Other Special Treats!

Lately it seems that cafes for many Sega franchises are operating in Japan! And certainly, why not? From Valkyria to Yakuza, if I had the opportunity, I’d check these out myself.

Sega opened up an official webpage for this new cafe, featuring image previews and menu item descriptions. There are quite a lot of menu items to choose from at this cafe! Patrons who purchase a set of menu items together (the set of descriptions that can be found above the beginning of the menu) will also receive special bonus items like coasters. The cafe is set to last from March 17 to May 15. Check out a gallery of menu item preview images below (credit to the Sega webpage linked in this paragraph.)

Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear to me what the Witch Drink is comprised of. My apologies to our readers!

Additionally, there’s a special Puyo Quest promotion for those who order the Puyo Quest Cafe Special Set. The cafe has its own Wi-Fi hotspot set up – connect to it, and search for quests while connected, and you’ll find a Puyo Quest Cafe quest. You can participate in it by yourself or with a friend. Completion of the quest will net you special exclusive items.

In addition to this, there is a special booth for fingernail decoration at the cafe! The planners have certainly went all-out for this cafe. This Japan Trends article (written in English!) notes that this year actually marks the third year of cafes for Puyo Quest! Be sure to check out their writeup as well!

Additionally, Dengeki Online recently went live with a preview of a newly-opened Puyo Puyo cafe, based in Sweets Paradise at Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Their own article features many pictures of the menu items and some images of the cafe’s interior.

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