“Miracle Girls’ Festival” Live Concert Event in Japan

Last month, SEGA announced “Miracle Girls’ Festival”, a live event featuring seiyuu that voiced characters in the Playstation Vita title Miracle Girls Festival. For those who may have forgotten (it’s been some time since we’ve written about the game, and it was never localized), Miracle Girls Festival featured units of characters from ten different notable anime series.

On April 3rd, the Miracle Girls’ Festival live concert was held. It comprised of two parts: a talk session featuring games and discussion from the attending seiyuu, and a performance session featuring live singing and dancing from attending seiyuu. The talk session included an extended team-based competition wherein two teams, led by Yuka Ōtsubo and Ayaka Ohashi (well-known seiyuu in their own right), took seiyuu from each of the attending units and competed in events including a table tennis showdown, a themed posing contest, a quiz, and some showdowns in the Miracle Girls Festival game itself! That sounds fun, and quite intense. Yuka Ōtsubo’s team emerged as the victor, with a clutch victory from a showdown in playing Miracle Girls Festival that awarded one million points.

The live performance section followed after the talk and games section. Here are the performing units for this section of the unit:

  • GO! GO! 575
  • Sega Hard Girls
  • Wake Up, Girls!
  • Afilia Saga

Afilia Saga as a unit don’t perform any songs in the Miracle Girls Festival game, but were invited to attend and perform. Its members work at select maid cafes in Japan, but are still also a musical group: performing the opening theme for Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation and publishing albums and singles over the past several years. Also, several of the seiyuu who voice Sega Hard Girls characters performed a couple of songs as a unit! Interestingly, this is not the first time is they have come together to perform SEGA-related songs.

The setlist for the concert is below:

  • Afilia Saga
    • Never Say Never
    • Magical☆Express☆Journey
    • S・M・L☆
  • Sega Hard Girls
    • Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan
    • SeHaGaGa Ganbachau!! (the opening theme for the SeHa Girls anime)
  • Wake Up, Girls!
    • 7 Girls War
    • Underground Labyrinth
    • Tachiagare!
  • GO! GO! 575
    • Kiseki Festival
    • Kotoba Colorful

Check out this 4Gamer article for a large writeup of the event in Japanese, alongside a large selection of un-watermarked photos from the event.

Featured image for this photo is credited to this Tweet from the Miracle Girls Festival Twitter account. The other images included in the article originate from this Tweet on the official SEGA of Japan Twitter account and the 4Gamer article linked in the above paragraph.

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