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SEGA Announces World Chain for iOS and Android in Japan

SEGA of Japan have announced a new mobile game in their “Chain” series (which includes their highly successful Chain Chronicle game), called World Chain. This time the game features high school students in the modern world. The protagonist of the game wakes up in a university to find that history has been altered and some people have disappeared. Using a smartphone called “Chain Driver”, the protagonist can journey through time and assume to role of a “Rewriter” who changes history. In doing so, the protagonist will encounter and form a bond with heroes from different timelines, and use their help in battle.


The World Chain Preorder Charactergame will initially feature around around 130-140 characters. Judging from the photo of the game’s presentation by 4gamer, the ingame graphics look very similar to those of Chain Chronicle. People who register in advance will receive various bonuses when the game starts, depending on how many people register. If more than 150,000 people register, they will receive the rare character Tachibana Ginchiyo, no doubt based on the woman of the same name who was head of the Japanese Tachibana clan during the Sengoku Period (which lasted from 1467 to 1603).

World Chain is scheduled to be released for iOS and Android in Japan somewhere in 2016. You can view the first trailer for the game below.

【ワールドチェイン】PV  第1弾

Source for the translation of the story content: Siliconera
Preorder information and images:
In-game images: animatetimes

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