Sakura Wars Goods at Tokyo Game Show 2016

The 20th Anniversary of the Sakura Wars franchise is right around the corner – September 27th marks the release date of the first Sakura Wars game in Japan. But before then, Tokyo Game Show 2016 will be held at the Makuhari Messe on the weekend of September 15th – 18th. At this event, SEGA will be further celebrating the lead-up to the Sakura Wars anniversary by offering new pieces of merchandise for sale. There’s a preview page up on the official Sakura Wars website!

The item shown in the image at the top of the article is a die-cut passcase with Sakura Shinguuji printed on it. It’s the perfect size to fit inside your own purse / carrying case, or place outside as an accessory. It costs 800円.


This next seen above is a Sakura Wars mug featuring the names of the eight female members of the Teikoku Kagekidan. It’s specially marked as a 20th Anniversary item and also has sakura petals scattered across it. This costs 1,500円.


tgs-2016-sakura-strapThese next items are two types of charm straps featuring Ichiro Ohgami and Sakura Shinguuji. Great for boosting spiritual power (maybe.) An individual strap costs 800円.

tgs-2016-sakura-wars-tote-bagThe last item on the list is a tote bag, featuring schematic designs of a Koubu, the mechanical peacekeepers that are run via spiritual power. The tote bag costs 1,500円.

These special merchandise items will be first made available at Tokyo Game Show 2016, however they’ll be for sale outside of TGS2016  starting on September 22nd!

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