Sakura Wars X Chain Chronicle: New Cards, New Trailer

SEGA Networks recently announced another round of content for the Sakura Wars X Chain Chronicle collaboration event. Formally announced a little more than a month ago, the collaboration takes the popular SEGA mobile game Chain Chronicle and features the Imperial Assault Force characters from Sakura Wars.

The news post linked at the top of this article describes which characters will receive SSR or SR cards. The list will be reproduced as follows:


  • Sumire
  • Iris
  • Kohran
  • Kanna
  • Ichiro


  • Sakura
  • Maria
  • Soletta
  • Reni

Ahead of this expansion, Dengeki Online conducted a long interview with two important people: Takaharu Terada (whose development credits include Dengeki Bunko: FIghting Climax, Valkyria Chronicles, the Skies of Arcadia series, and the PS2 remake of the first Sakura Wars game and is described as the Chief Director the Sakura Wars series in the interview,) and Jun Matsunaga, the General Director of the Chain Chronicle series.

It’s an interesting interview. Find out the origins of the Sakura Wars X Chain Chronicle collaboration, the favorite character of Jun Matsunaga, discussion on plot and character interactions in the collaboration event, and some ideas for new SEGA Chain Chronicle collaborations….though perhaps with a dubious degree of likelihood.

I want to remind everyone that today in Japan the marks 20th anniversary of the first Sakura Wars game’s release in Japan! And today is also the release date of this new content!

Anyway, please check out the new content preview video! It showcases the battle abilities of some of the new SSR cards.

後編開催!「サクラ大戦」×チェインクロニクル ~絆の新大陸~コラボ キャラクター紹介ムービー

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