Yakuza 0 Battle System Trailer

Kiryu and Majima Fight With Style in This New Yakuza 0 Trailer

A new trailer for Yakuza 0 demonstrates the different fighting styles used by the main characters Kiryu and Majima. Both have three unique fighting styles. Kiryu’s “Brawler” style is a balanced mix of light and heavy attacks, while “Rush” focuses on delivering relentless consecutive attacks. On the other hand, the “Beast” style relies on raw strength to take down opponents. Kiryu can also use items from the streets (like bikes and signs) as a weapon to attack his enemies.

As for Majima, his “Thug” style focuses on takedowns, throws, and counter attacks, while his “Slugger” uses a bat as the primary weapon. Lastly, “Breaker” is a fighting style inspired by breakdancing, albeit with devastating results. You can view these fighting styles and more in the trailer below!

Yakuza 0 will be released physically and digitally in the Americas and Europe on January 24, 2017

Yakuza 0: Trouble in Tokyo Trailer

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