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Valkyria: Azure Revolution “Enter the Vanargand” Trailer, More 1080P Screenshots and New Character Introductions

SEGA of Japan has uploaded a promotional trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution that showcases the Vanargand, an elite unit representing the Kingdom of Jutland whose members are tasked with coordinated opposition to the Rus Empire and the Valkyria named Brynhildr.

The trailer is just short of two minutes and offers voice clips and a brief stylized in-game model portrait of each of the Vanargand members. In the order that they’re shown, the characters are: Amleth (of The Five), Godot, Brigette, Helena, Blum, Tilda, Isaac, Daryl, Sara, Jordur, and Ophelia, the heroine. These are the characters who will actively be fighting on behalf of the Jutland Empire and, so far as we know, will often serve as player characters.

Additionally, the website introduces two new minor characters to Valkyria: Azure Revolution with Richer and Maria.

Richer, the bespectacled women of soft features, and blonde hair, serves as the truthful narrator of the story, separate from the misrepresentations of history that later came to be. Richer is the great-great-granddaughter of a professor who taught at the Magic Arts School that Amleth and Ophelia were students. She graduated at the top of her class in her fields of study.

Maria is the longer-haired blonde woman of the new characters, and also exists in the time of the main events of Valkyria: Azure Revolution, unlike Richer. Because of her incredibly considerate and loving personality, Maria is adored by many and people easily project feelings of wanting to be close to her. She is kidnapped during the course of the story by Claudius of the Rus Empire.

There’s one particular thing we noticed that we’d like to share, but beware that it may be a significant spoiler if it turns out to be accurate. So don’t click the following link if you don’t want to be spoiled: POTENTIAL SPOILER

Potential spoilers aside, check out the new images below! And don’t forget the trailer!

Richer and Maria

Enter the Vanargand Trailer


New 1080P Screenshots from the official Twitter account



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