Soul Reverse Zero Christmas Event

Soul Reverse Zero: Christmas Event Main Promotional Video and Character Videos!

“Let’s Party Night!”

Soul Reverse Zero is planning a special Christmas Event! It started on December 20th, and will run to December 26th, 3pm JST, with the summoning period closing one day later. The detailed news breakdown can be found on this news post at the official Soul Reverse Zero website.

The event will feature SSR Dorothy as the main attraction, alongside random draws for SR Beatrice, and SSR Maria Theresa. Special attention is given to Dorothy in the news post cited above, but the coin drop rate for draws will also increase during the time of this event. If the player equips the SR Beatrice or SSR Maria Theresa cards from this Christmas event as sub-members, they can keep these bonuses after a quest. These will only be available during the time of this year’s Soul Reverse Zero Christmas Event!

In order to promote “Awakening Moment: Let’s Party Night!”, SEGA has released four different videos: the first of which is the Main Promotional Video, while the remaining three videos highlight each of the three characters that have special cards during the Christmas event. Please watch them below!

Main Christmas Event Promotional Video


Beatrice (voiced by Yoshino Aoyama)


Maria Theresa (voiced by Yoshino Aoyama)


Dorothy (voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki)


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