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JAEPO 2017 - Soul Reverse 10 vs 10

JAEPO 2017: Arcade Version of Soul Reverse Details 10 vs 10 Gameplay, Classes and Heroes

The arcade version of “SOUL REVERSE” is the second game in SEGA’s new Soul Reverse series, following the release of Soul Reverse Zero for iOS / Android in November 2016. At JAEPO 2017, an annual trade fair for amusement arcade products which is currently underway, SEGA has given people the first good look at the game.

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Soul Reverse Zero Christmas Event

Soul Reverse Zero: Christmas Event Main Promotional Video and Character Videos!

“Let’s Party Night!”

Soul Reverse Zero is planning a special Christmas Event! It started on December 20th, and will run to December 26th, 3pm JST, with the summoning period closing one day later. The detailed news breakdown can be found on this news post at the official Soul Reverse Zero website.

The event will feature SSR Dorothy as the main attraction, alongside random draws for SR Beatrice, and SSR Maria Theresa. Special attention is given to Dorothy in the news post cited above, but the coin drop rate for draws will also increase during the time of this event. If the player equips the SR Beatrice or SSR Maria Theresa cards from this Christmas event as sub-members, they can keep these bonuses after a quest. These will only be available during the time of this year’s Soul Reverse Zero Christmas Event!

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Soul Reverse Zero - 1 Million Downloads

SEGA’s New Mobile Game Soul Reverse Zero Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in Japan

SEGA of Japan has announced that the combined total downloads of their new mobile game Soul Reverse Zero have surpassed the one million mark. The game was released last month in Japan for iOS and Android. It’s looking like a very good start for the game if you consider that Chain Chronicle, one of SEGA’s most successful mobile games so far, has reached 5 million downloads in its lifetime.

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Screenshot of Brunhilde in Soul Reverse Zero

Soul Reverse Zero Now Available for iOS and Android in Japan

SEGA of Japan have released their latest mobile RPG Soul Reverse Zero for iOS and Android in Japan today. Much like SEGA’s own Chain Chronicle the game has a turn-based battle system, but the graphics and animation offer a considerable upgrade compared to SEGA’s previous mobile outings. The game managed to reach up to 450,000 pre-registrations leading up to its release, more than doubling SEGA’s initial expectations. You can watch the extended version of the animated trailer below, as well as an earlier gameplay trailer.

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Soul Reverse Zero Art

Soul Reverse Zero Surpasses 400K Pre-Registrations in Japan and Gets New Trailer

SEGA’s first game in its new Soul Reverse series, a mobile game called Soul Reverse Zero, has surpassed 400,000 signatures, doubling SEGA’s initial target of 200,000. The game uses a turn-based combat system where you can form a party with mythical heroes such as King Arthur, Brunhilde, Merlin and more. You can also team up with other players online. While the game’s story isn’t terribly original, the graphics do look good for a SEGA mobile RPG, and given the high production values I imagine SEGA is hoping to turn Soul Reverse into a strong franchise. Soul Reverse Zero will launch on November 21, 2016 in Japan for iOS and Android. You can pre-register on the official website until November 20. An official 3-part comic (in Japanese) was also posted on the website, introducing the game’s story and showing how the main characters meet.

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Soul Reverse Zero Announcement - 3.jpg An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later. Soul Reverse Zero Announcement Screenshot

SEGA Announces Soul Reverse Zero, a New RPG for iOS and Android

SEGA of Japan have announced a new mobile RPG called Soul Reverse Zero for Android and iOS. The news comes shortly after The World End Eclipse was shut down less than a year after its release. Soul Reverse Zero is being directed and produced by SEGA’s AM2, and is scheduled to be released this fall in Japan. While the game’s premise and artstyle don’t look terribly original, the opening trailer features a solid presentation. The animation was done by Production IG, and the opening theme (called “e of s”) was done by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki, which is a collaboration between composer Sawano Hiroyuki and singer mizuki. They previously collaborated on Aldnoah Zero, and Sawano Hiroyuki was previously also responsible for the soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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