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Soul Reverse Zero Now Available for iOS and Android in Japan

SEGA of Japan have released their latest mobile RPG Soul Reverse Zero for iOS and Android in Japan today. Much like SEGA’s own Chain Chronicle the game has a turn-based battle system, but the graphics and animation offer a considerable upgrade compared to SEGA’s previous mobile outings. The game managed to reach up to 450,000 pre-registrations leading up to its release, more than doubling SEGA’s initial expectations. You can watch the extended version of the animated trailer below, as well as an earlier gameplay trailer.

Soul Reverse Zero is the first game of the new Soul Reverse franchise that SEGA aims to establish. At Sega Fes 2016, SEGA also unveiled an arcade game in the same franchise, simply titled SOUL REVERSE. At this point there’s no word on Soul Reverse Zero being localized for the West. Recently, SEGA appears to prefer letting other companies handle the localization of their Japanese mobile games, rather than handling them in-house. A strategy which isn’t always successful, seeing how the English version of SEGA’s Chain Chronicle, which was localized by gumi, has already been shut down. Interestingly, Cygames’ Granblue Fantasy handled things differently by simply adding official English subtitles to the original Japanese version. Perhaps that’s an option SEGA may find worth considering for Soul Reverse Zero as well.



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  1. landman

    To be honest, I’d prefer they spent their localization efforts on proper games like all the Yakuza we will never see outside of Japan, or PSO2, or Valkyria…


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