JAEPO 2017 - Soul Reverse 10 vs 10

JAEPO 2017: Arcade Version of Soul Reverse Details 10 vs 10 Gameplay, Classes and Heroes

The arcade version of “SOUL REVERSE” is the second game in SEGA’s new Soul Reverse series, following the release of Soul Reverse Zero for iOS / Android in November 2016. At JAEPO 2017, an annual trade fair for amusement arcade products which is currently underway, SEGA has given people the first good look at the game.

The game is a network battle action game set in a fantasy world, which (like SEGA’s own Border Break which started in 2009) sees two camps of players fight each other. The game supports up to 10 vs 10 players, connected via network from all around Japan. In order to win, each team is looking to kill the Priest of the opposing team. The game is scheduled to be released

Characters controlled by the player can be selected from four different classes, each of which has different abilities and play style.


A balanced all-rounder that cuts through the front line by making full use of its high mobility!


Specializes in defending the base with a combination of attack and defensive power.


Supports the front line with medium-ranged magic attacks.



Supports the frontline with both ranged attacks and distraction tactics.

In addition to these different classes, numerous ghosts of legendary heroes can infuse the player with new powers. Each has a powerful “Soul Arts” technique.

King Arthur




Five screenshots of some of the revealed stages so far.

Intro Movie

This intro movie shows the different professions and heroes detailed above.

『SOUL REVERSE』アーケード版ゲーム紹介ムービー


SEGA is also showing off the link between Soul Reverse‘s arcade and mobile versions. People playing the arcade version at JAEPO 2017 will receive a special SSR card of the character Zenobia, which they can then use in Soul Reverse Zero on iOS/Android. The video below shows the character in both games, and it also gives us another look at the difference in art style for the character in both games.


Source: 4Gamer


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