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SEGA World Drivers Championship - 005

SEGA Interactive Announces SEGA World Drivers Championship for the Arcades in Japan

SEGA Interactive have announced a new arcade racing game for Japan, titled SEGA World Drivers Championship feat. Super GT. The game uses the official license of the Super GT Series, a highly popular sports car racing championship in Japan. The game will be running on the Unreal Engine 4, which is proving to be increasingly popular among game developers in Japan. Nationwide online multiplayer will also be supported, and SEGA will be carrying out a test run of the game in the Sega Ikebukuro GiGO and Sega Akihabara 1 game centers from July 28 through 30. You can view the first trailer for the game below, although it doesn’t show any in-game footage. That said, we do get a look at the arcade cabinet in the newly released images. The official website for the game can be found here.

Source:, 4gamer.net

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JAEPO 2017 - Soul Reverse 10 vs 10

JAEPO 2017: Arcade Version of Soul Reverse Details 10 vs 10 Gameplay, Classes and Heroes

The arcade version of “SOUL REVERSE” is the second game in SEGA’s new Soul Reverse series, following the release of Soul Reverse Zero for iOS / Android in November 2016. At JAEPO 2017, an annual trade fair for amusement arcade products which is currently underway, SEGA has given people the first good look at the game.

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Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone - 1925 - Wallpaper 1

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone’s December Update Adds 2 Songs and 10 Modules

The SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project has announced that 2 songs and 10 modules will be added to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone on December 21. The songs are “Amatsu Kitsune” (“The Celestial Fox”) and 1925. It’s likely that this content will eventually make its way to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which is already available in Japan and has recently been confirmed for a release in the West on January 10.

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Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone Is Getting a New Snow Miku 2017 Module

The SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project team have announced a new Snow Miku 2017 module for Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone. The release of the module is scheduled for mid-December 2016 (an exact release date will be provided later on). You can view screenshots and artwork for the new module below! There’s no announcement regarding this module heading to the PlayStation 4 version of the game, but we can imagine this being released as DLC somewhere down the road. On a related note, SEGA recently confirmed that Project DIVA Future Tone will be released in the Americas and Europe!

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Star Horse Pocket

SEGA of Japan Releases New Trailer for Their Upcoming Mobile Game Star Horse Pocket

As part of its initiative to add connectivity between their arcade and mobile games, SEGA will be releasing a mobile version of their long-running Star Horse arcade games, titled Star Horse Pocket, in Japan. The arcade versions of Star Horse are a mix between a horse racing simulation and betting game, and it looks like the mobile game will feature similar mechanics. That said, the mobile version of the game will also feature five female characters who will apparently serve as your secretaries. The character art may look familiar to fans of the recent games in the Shining franchise, as they were drawn by the same artist: Tony Taka. You can find images of all five characters below, along with the two trailers for the game. The official website for the game can be found here.

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Luce from Soul Reverse Arcade

SEGA Reveals the First Trailer and Screenshots of Soul Reverse for the Arcade

At SEGA Fes 2016, SEGA have revealed the first trailer and screenshots for Soul Reverse, the first arcade game in the new Soul Reverse franchise. Previously, SEGA had already revealed Soul Reverse Zero for iOS and Android, which will be released tomorrow. Development of the arcade version is said to be 70% complete. Also revealed was the 3D model for the character Luce, who is again voiced by Nanami Yamashita like in the mobile version. Details are scarce at the moment, but you can view the screenshots and the CG trailer below.

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MEIKO 12th Anniversary Wallpaper - Project DIVA Future Tone Style

Project DIVA Team Celebrates Vocaloid MEIKO’s 12th Anniversary with New Wallpapers

Vocaloid MEIKO celebrates her 12th anniversary today, and the SEGA feat. Hatsune Miku Project team decided to celebrate the occasion with two new wallpapers, one in the Project DIVA X style and one in the Project DIVA Future Tone style. You can find the 1080P versions of the wallpapers below! You can also find additional mobile versions in the original article on the official blog.

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Phantom Thief Meiko

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone Gets 2 More Songs and 6 Modules

SEGA’s arcade rhtyhm game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone will be getting an update on October 27 which will add two news songs and six modules. The two songs are Hibikase (Resonate), produced by Giga-P with lyrics from Reol and an illustration from Key, and Piano x Forte x Scandal, produced by the OSTER Project with an illustration from Kochimu. In terms of modules, new “Phantom Thief” modules will be added for Miku, Rin, KAITO and MEIKO. Two more modules are added for KAITO and MEIKO as well. SEGA has also released four wallpapers, one for each Phantom Thief module. You can find a video featuring the two songs, screenshots of the modules and the wallpapers below!

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Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone - Hand in Hand - Wallpaper

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone Adds “LOL -Lots of Laugh-” And “Hand in Hand” to Its Song Lineup

SEGA’s AM2 and the Project DIVA Arcade team have announced that they’ll be adding two more songs to Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone, namely “LOL -lots of laugh-” and “Hand in Hand”. These will be made available on August 31 in the arcades in Japan, which also happens to be Hatsune Miku’s birthday!

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