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KanColle Arcade Gameplay Saki Fujita

New KanColle Arcade Gameplay Demonstration Features Anti-Submarine Warfare, Presented by Saki Fujita

SEGA of Japan have uploaded another gameplay demonstration for AM2’s KanColle Arcade. Once again it’s voice actresses Saki Fujita (who provided the voice samples for Hatsune Miku) presenting the video and playing the game. During this gameplay session, she also adds the three recently announced Destroyers Kagerou, Shiranui and Kuroshio to her fleet.

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Sakura Wars, by 7AHO (featured)

Fanart by 7AHO, Featuring Characters From Sakura Wars, Persona 4 and KanColle

Given the long history for SEGA and also Atlus, there’s a ton of fanart related to their franchises out there. Today, we’d like to share some of the work from 7AHO, an artist from Indonesia who created rather splendid artwork based on franchises from both SEGA and Atlus, in particular of Sakura Wars and Persona 4.

We’d like to thank 7AHO for giving us permission to repost the artwork here. You can view them below! For even more of 7AHO’s artwork, check out his DeviantArt page!

Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars artwork featuring one the games’ main characters, Sakura Shinguji, in two of her iconic outfits, with her Kubo mech in the background.

Original DeviantArt page:


Yukiko Amagi & Konohana Sakuya

Two illustrations of Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4. One of them shows her and her Shadow counterpart, while the other shows Yukiko and her Persona, Konohana Sakuya.

Original DeviantArt pages:


Chie Satonaka

Two illustrations of Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. The one of the left shows her performing her trademark high kick, while the other shows her Shadow counterpart, along with her Persona, Tomoe.

Original DeviantArt pages:


Kanji & Take-Mikazuchi

Another character from Persona 4, Kanji, stands determined in this artwork, with his imposing Persona Take-Mikazuchi in the background.

Original DeviantArt pages:



SEGA has recently released KanColle Arcade in Japan, so we felt it was appropriate to also post 7AHO’s illustration of Mutsu, the Nagato class Battleship.

Original DeviantArt page:



Kancolle Arcade Launch Trailer

Kancolle Arcade Leaves Harbor in Japan and Gets New Trailer

The often delayed Kancolle Arcade (developed by SEGA’s AM2) has finally been released in arcades in Japan, and SEGA of Japan have revealed a new trailer to celebrate the occasion. The trailer shows 9 additional Kanmusume (“ship girls”) that have been added to the game, among them Mutsu and Nagato (both Nagato Class battleships, featured at the end of the trailer).

You can find the trailer below. The Kancolle franchise has proven to be very popular in Japan, to the point where it even got its own anime, and the launch of Kancolle Arcade is clearly an important one for SEGA’s arcade game business in Japan. As such, it’s probably unlikely that SEGA would consider porting it to console anytime soon.

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Saki Fujita Demonstrates KanColle Arcade gameplay

Saki Fujita and Yuka Ōtsubo Demonstrate KanColle Arcade Gameplay

SEGA have uploaded a lengthy video for SEGA AM2’s arcade game KanColle Arcade (which we talked about in our JAEPO 2016 article), with voice actresses Saki Fujita (who provided the voice samples for Hatsune Miku) and Yuka Ōtsubo demonstrating how the game is played. Fair warning before you watch the video: the voice actresses spend quite a bit of time touching the Kanmusu’s (“fleet girls”) bodies via the arcade cabinet’s touch screen to get a reaction out of them. Additionally, enemy attacks can sometimes partially shred the girls’ costumes, revealing their underwear and/or showing cleavage. So this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Below you can find a short overview of the gameplay shown in the videos, as well as the videos themselves.

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SEGA at Japan Entertainment Expo 2016

Here’s a Look at SEGA’s Showing at the Japan Amusement Expo 2016

The 2016 edition of the Japan Amusement Expo took place some days ago (from February 19 to February 20th). At the exhibition, Japanese arcade game developers got to show their latest arcade games and amusement machines, and SEGA was of course no exception. This year’s showing from SEGA held little in terms of surprises. In particular, Virtua Fighter 6, a game many fans were hoping to see announced, was nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, what SEGA did have to offer showed that they’re still very much relevant in the Japanese arcade business. It also gives us some insight as to why the arcade game business remains relevant in Japan. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what SEGA had to show at the event.

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