Soul Reverse Zero - 1 Million Downloads

SEGA’s New Mobile Game Soul Reverse Zero Surpasses 1 Million Downloads in Japan

SEGA of Japan has announced that the combined total downloads of their new mobile game Soul Reverse Zero have surpassed the one million mark. The game was released last month in Japan for iOS and Android. It’s looking like a very good start for the game if you consider that Chain Chronicle, one of SEGA’s most successful mobile games so far, has reached 5 million downloads in its lifetime.

While the game looks like a by the numbers approach to a mobile RPG game, it differentiates itself from the competition with its 3D battle visuals that offer more than a generational leap beyond what we’ve seen in Chain Chronicle. After playing the Japanese version for a bit, it’s probably the first SEGA mobile game that I could actually see myself investing some time into if it were localized for the West.

To celebrate the fact that the game reached the 1 million download mark, SEGA will be holding a new event in the game that introduces two new SSR characters which you can obtain: Pandora and Penthesilea. You can see their introduction trailers below.


Character Introduction PV: Pandora


Character Introduction PV: Penthesilea


SRR Cards

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