Sega Sammy Annual Report 2016

Sega-Sammy Annual Report 2016 Includes Total Games Sales for Various SEGA and Atlus Franchises

Sega-Sammy’s annual report 2016 has been released today (UPDATE: one of our followers on Twitter pointed out that it had in fact been released earlier, and was only updated on November 30), and it’s a lengthy 146 page document with a lot of detailed information on the performance of the company and their outlook for 2017. While I haven’t read the entire document yet, it often repeats information that we’ve read before from Sega-Sammy, such as their growing focus on the digital market. One interesting piece of information however are the lifetime sales for several SEGA and Atlus franchises.

Admittedly, the results may not always be easily compared, as free downloads of a mobile game can’t really be compared to units sold. As such those downloads are more indicative of a game’s popularity rather than its profitability. The list also splits the franchises in three groups: those that were developed in-house, those that were acquired (such as the Atlus ones) and those that are licensed (such as Hatsune Miku).

As you may expect, Sonic the Hedgehog dwarfs all of the other franchises in terms of sales, but among the rest the Puyo Puyo franchise still stands out as a strong second. Curiously, Phantasy Star only lists the registered ids for (I assume only) Phantasy Star Online 2. You can view the entire list in the image below.

1 thought on “Sega-Sammy Annual Report 2016 Includes Total Games Sales for Various SEGA and Atlus Franchises

  1. landman

    A shame they didn’t actually share sales of packaged games in the Phantasy Star series, it would be great to compare them with Megami Tensei for example. Total IDs is a useless number, at least count logged IDs in the past 6 months, I have made at least 4 different IDs in the years, one was for a simple tutorial and never again touched it.


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