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Soul Reverse Zero Surpasses 400K Pre-Registrations in Japan and Gets New Trailer

SEGA’s first game in its new Soul Reverse series, a mobile game called Soul Reverse Zero, has surpassed 400,000 signatures, doubling SEGA’s initial target of 200,000. The game uses a turn-based combat system where you can form a party with mythical heroes such as King Arthur, Brunhilde, Merlin and more. You can also team up with other players online. While the game’s story isn’t terribly original, the graphics do look good for a SEGA mobile RPG, and given the high production values I imagine SEGA is hoping to turn Soul Reverse into a strong franchise. Soul Reverse Zero will launch on November 21, 2016 in Japan for iOS and Android. You can pre-register on the official website until November 20. An official 3-part comic (in Japanese) was also posted on the website, introducing the game’s story and showing how the main characters meet.

Ahead of the launch of the game, the game will also be presented at Sega Fes 2016, which is currently being streamed live on SEGA’s YouTube channel. It appears they’ll also be revealing the first details about the Soul Reverse Arcade game there, which was announced alongside the mobile game. Gematsu has translated the entire schedule for the event, so take a look at their article for the details! You can view the official game trailer (in Japanese) below, narrated by Takuya Eguchi. So far there’s no word on the game heading to the West.



Official Game Trailer

Soul Reverse Zero (JP) - Official game trailer

Previously Released Cinematic Trailer

【事前登録受付中】『SOUL REVERSE ZERO』ティザームービー

Battle screenshots

Source: SEGA of Japan, via 4Gamer

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