Valkyria Azure Revolution - PS Vita VS PS4 - Featured

Valkyria: Azure Revolution Comparison Screenshots (PS4 Versus PS Vita)

After playing through the PlayStation Vita version of the Valkyria: Azure Revolution demo, we compiled some screenshots to show the difference between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of the game. As expected, the PlayStation Vita version has some considerable graphical downgrades compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Shadows, texture resolutions and geometry are all of a much lower quality on the PlayStation Vita version, and several special effects have been removed, but the framerate appears to hold up at a steady 30fps and the gameplay is pretty much identical.

You can view a series of screenshots alternating between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version below, which should give you a good view of the difference between both versions. Note that the PlayStation Vita screenshots were taken from a PlayStation TV, and have already been upscaled to 720P. The PS4 screenshots were taken from the game running on a PlayStation 4 Pro (admittedly, I haven’t verified if there’s a difference between the demo on PS4 Pro and PS4, as the game is indeed said to support PS4 Pro enhancements). You can view our previous article with more PS Vita screenshots here.

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