Atlus U.S.A. Is Looking into Amazon’s Cancellations of Persona 5 “Take Your Heart” and Steelbook Pre-Orders (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Atlus U.S.A. has posted an update, stating that they can confirm what they’ve always known, “that there’s nothing wrong or “dangerous” about our product” and that only a “tiny number of Amazon sales have been affected”. In other words, Amazon’s claims that the pre-order was cancelled due to “dangerous goods” contained in the product appears to be false. Atlus has stated that anyone affected by the cancellations should contacted their retailer.

Original story: Amazon has been sending out e-mails to people who pre-orded Persona 5 at their store, both for the “Take Your Heart” and Steelbook Edition. On NeoGAF, one user shared the contents of the e-mail he received from Amazon:


Due to delivery restrictions on your order #redacted, we won’t be able to send you Persona 5 – SteelBook Edition – PlayStation 4.

This is because this item contains regulated materials classified as dangerous goods and can not be delivered by Amazon. Although the amount of these substances in these products is usually quite limited, these products need to be transported in a certain way to ensure that they are handled with care.

Unfortunately, this means that we’re not able to ship your order and it has been canceled.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience and hope to see you again soon.

At the moment it’s unclear just what exactly was wrong with the product, and understandably fans who pre-ordered at Amazon are worried that this might mean they’ll miss out on the “Take Your Heart” edition of the game. At the time of writing some users on NeoGAF say that their Amazon pre-order for Persona 5 is still active. It’s also not clear if other stores might follow suit, although at the moment it’s still only Amazon who canceled pre-orders for the game. Atlus U.S.A.’s PR manager Will posted the following update on the Persona 5 subreddit:

Hello /r/Persona5, it’s Will from ATLUS! If you didn’t know, I’ve taken over John’s job for the time being.

I’ve been meaning to post here in the past few weeks, but have been a bit busy. To give you an update on what’s going on, we’re currently looking into this issue with Amazon and I’ll follow up when we have more info.

Hopefully, Atlus and Amazon will provide more information soon.

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